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Muslim love spells

Muslim love spells

Love spells — one of the most popular services in my practice. Representatives of different religions turn to me for help, and quite often people who adhere to Islam are interested in whether it is possible in their case to use the traditional spells, intended, such as for Orthodox.

That is exactly what I want to dwell on and devote an article to Muslim love spells.

Muslim love spells

Muslim love spells — what is it?

Muslim love spell — an ambiguous phenomenon. Different experts explain it differently. In total, there are three positions regarding Muslim magic:

  1. This is the magic of Muslims, and only for Muslims;
  2. This is magic whose goal is to bewitch a representative or representative of Islam;
  3. This is ordinary magic, which differs from other species only in its special order of actions of the magician or the customer of the love spell.

For my part, I want to say that you should not consider the spell of a Muslim a particularly difficult sacrament. People who profess Islam succumb to love conspiracies with the same ease as other religions.

The Muslim love spell is a magical ritual that can be performed independently, at home. The component necessary for this is the desire to achieve the intended goal, interest, faith in one’s own success and the desired result.

Who can use the Muslim love spell?

Taking into account all the specifics of the Muslim love spell, I will note the circle of people who can appeal to this love ceremony. This kind of binding will be perfect:

  • For women who know the Quran well from childhood (in other words, for Muslim women) and who want to achieve mutual feelings from a man who professes the same faith (Muslim);
  • For women who grew up in fully or partially Muslim families, but they are not particularly religious;
  • For women who have inflamed their feelings towards a convinced Muslim (even if a woman adheres to another religion).

Muslim love spells

What to consider when making Muslim love spells?

Like any love act, a Muslim love ritual can lead to negative consequences, if a number of mistakes are made in the process of its fulfillment, or it does not pay due attention to all the necessary conditions. Magic should not be taken lightly so as not to turn it against itself and not get a rollback.

For a Muslim love spell to act correctly and as efficiently as possible, it must be carried out taking into account the following conditions:

  • Love spell is always done only on growing moon;
  • Carefully adhere to the love spell instructions, do not gag;
  • It is impossible to make a love spell in the days of the Muslim fast;
  • Not less than a week before the ritual, it is necessary to adhere to the tradition of feeding the Muslims;
  • Do not drink alcohol before a love spell;
  • Before the spell of a Muslim, you need to find out what degree of sincerity of his faith, how often he performs namaz. Strong faith is a protection against a love spell, and only a professional magician will be able to do it — independent efforts may turn out to be useless in this case;
  • For women — do not turn to love spell during menstruation. It is worth waiting for the discharge to end, because the first 2-3 days after menstruation are the strongest for the ceremony (even regardless of the phase of the moon);
  • For men, the result of a love spell directly depends on the degree of your respect for women. I recommend to bestow before the ceremony with pleasant gifts to all women of old age from your inner circle. This will help you develop a certain attitude and fully prepare for the love affair of a Muslim woman.

Muslim love spell — how to do?

I will acquaint you with some examples of a Muslim love spell that you can easily make in everyday life. They are characterized, under the condition of correct execution, by a very strong result.

Option 1 — by photo

It will take: photo of the chosen one (fresh, without people and animals in the frame), own photo, strings (white — if the goal is marriage, black — sexual attraction), needle (new), light candle (best of all, white).

Instruction: love spell is done during the growing moon, in the evening, after sunset. Turn off all the lights in the house, light a candle. Photos attach each other and sew along the contour of the thread, pronouncing the spell:

“I sew my destiny, to me — you, to you — me, with white threads, for the whole life”.

If you choose a black thread, the word “white” in the text of the plot must be replaced with the word “black”. When finished, hide the photos in a secret place. The love spell will begin on the seventh day.

The rite is valid as long as the photos are stored, no need to throw them away.

Option 2 — on the candle

For the ritual will need candle. A ceremony before bedtime, 3 days in a row.

Muslim love spells

Instruction: turn off all the light in the house, light a candle and look at its flame, trying to visualize on the flame the image of a chosen one who looks at you faithfully and with tenderness. Do this until the image of your loved one becomes distinct.

Then blow out the candle and go to sleep. Important: before and at the end of each session clearly need to utter a conspiracy, with imperative intonation:

“Besmilahir Rakhmanir Rahim! Min abdiha allazi layla il rabi aldzhalilu rabi anni masanialazara va anta arhamar rahimin! ”

The emphasis in words falls on the last syllable.

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