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Mental spell

The mental spell is the impact of the energy type. For its success it is necessary to be able to fully concentrate on the desired result, as well as to present the consequences of the ceremony.

It is very important to be able to deal with the natural energy itself, that is, to regulate its strength and direct it in the right direction.

Mental spell

It is necessary to take up the conduct of mental rituals only with full confidence in our own abilities, because the magic of this type implies an impact at the level of the energy field. In practice, the mental spell is like meditation. At the time of the ceremony it is necessary to feel the full harmony with the outside world.

You need to realize that you are an integral part of nature. This can be achieved only by immersing oneself in some state of trance.

In connection with all the above, it becomes clear that in order to carry out the mental bewitching ritual, we need mandatory special training. Such trainings always begin with complete relaxation.

It is necessary to learn by an effort of will to cast away all anxieties and thoughts. Only in a state of absolute tranquility can you perform an effective love spell of a loved one on a mental level.

At the second stage of preparation, you need to learn how to visualize the desired relationship between you and your loved one, that is, you need to imagine your future happy life. And the pictures should look clear and realistic, that is, so that they can be compared with the film.

Each step of such preparation will bring you closer to the fact that at home you will be able to attract your loved one on an energy level.

Of course, any bewitching rite at the mental level must be carried out according to the rules. It is noteworthy that such rituals are absolutely safe, since they are not intended to change the karma of a person.

With a love spell, you only slightly change the energy of a person, without violating its natural integrity, paying attention to yourself. That is, such magic forms a binding energy thread between partners.

Mental spell

After the preparatory trainings, you can proceed to the ceremony. For this you need to retire in a separate room, in which you should provide absolute silence.

To do this, turn off all communication devices and remove pets from the room. It is also necessary to close the doors and windows tightly.

It is advisable to choose a room for windows, which overlook the quiet courtyard.

You need to sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor and present the image of a loved one. It is important to try to visualize it in dynamics, that is, to draw in the imagination a picture of what can happen to it at a given time.

After it is obtained, it is necessary to try to stretch a ray of light coming from you to your chosen one. You need to bind yourself and your loved one in three chakras, which are located in the zone of the heart, head and abdomen.

You need to start with the formation of the heart track. It is important to feel how through it your love fills the heart of your chosen one. It is necessary to pump over the love energy for some time.

Then you need to try to get a response. That is, in other words, you need to imagine how love awakens in the soul of your loved one.

It will be optimal if you manage to enfold the elect with your love, and at the same time you will feel how comfortable he feels while doing so.

An important condition for the effectiveness of the mental bewitching rite is the complete absence of negative. If during your ritual, for inexplicable reasons, your mood deteriorated — this is a bad sign.

In addition, the negative response from the beloved beloved should be alerted. This happens, as a rule, in cases where the chosen one is already in love and these feelings are sincere and strong.

In such situations, you have the right to decide whether to continue the ceremony. But at the same time, it should be remembered that any violence at the mental level is extremely undesirable and can result in serious negative consequences not only for the victim, but also for the performer.

After strong links between the three chakras are created, you need to voice your desires out loud. It does not require a special conspiracy, in any form you need to express a desire to love and be loved.

As a rule, if the mental bewitching ritual was carried out successfully, then the performer of the rite has a strong weakness, sometimes accompanied by dizziness and nausea. When all is finished, the performer, in most cases, is fast falling asleep. The next day after the ceremony, it is imperative to meet with the chosen one and chat.

At the same time, it is necessary to mentally repeat some words that you uttered during the mental spell.

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