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Men’s days for love spell

The goal of any philterine influence is to get strong response feelings, preferably in the shortest possible time. Of course, the right attitude before the rite is very important.

But it is equally important to choose the right time for the ritual.

A strong love spell should be carried out in men’s days. For the love of men it is: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Remember it is easy, because all the names of such days belong to the male race.

Men's days for love spell

In order to consciously conduct the bewitching ritual, it is important to inquire about the characteristics of each particular day in order to understand how much it is suitable for bewitching a particular person. Men’s days for love spells are very different, therefore, using their characteristics, you can enhance the love spell and make the ceremony more effective.

Monday is ruled by the moon, and, as is well known, in magic bells, the magic power of the night star is often used. This day is included in the constellation of Cancer, and, as is well known, this sign is distinguished by the fact that people born under it have developed intuition.

Therefore, it can be argued that Monday is a day filled with powerful natural energy.

Professional magicians claim that summer Mondays have a special power, these days are used as the weaker ones, which are used for the bewitching rites in the winter time. The most effective period of the day from the point of view of the energy promise is midnight.

In connection with the natural power of the day on Mondays, it is advisable to make a love spell directed at obstinate and recalcitrant men. Such rituals can be deservedly considered the «taming of the obstinate.»

On Monday, all kinds of love spells can be performed. They will be satisfied with the most ambitious women who have set a goal to attract a loved one who does not notice their presence in real life.

Men's days for love spell

The love spell on Mondays allows you to enhance your own attractiveness in the eyes of the chosen one and at the same time enhance his sexual attraction even after the simplest rite of white magic.

It should be understood that the powerful energy of the day requires caution to treat the rituals of black magic. For example, cemetery rites or effects using menstrual blood are not recommended at all, as they can be very strong.

This means that it is possible not only to harm the victim, but to endanger himself as a result of the powerful return of the negative, which is known as rollback.

Tuesday is influenced by Mars and is located in the constellation of Aries and Scorpio. Such patronage gives him a special power, which is suitable for the love spell of balanced and calm men.

The strongest spellcasting power comes at dawn, so the love spells are recommended early in the morning.

It is on this day that you can easily bewitch a man who can set life goals and methodically move in their direction. With such a person it will be easy to go through life.

Very effective are the love spells on Tuesday, the action of which is aimed at her own husband. In this case, it is possible to use rituals to prevent the spouse from treason, return it to the family or strengthen the relationship.

Rituals on this day are also very effective, which allow one to awaken the fading feelings of the spouses after many years of marriage. It is not advisable to conduct on Tuesday a love spell aimed at leading away another man’s husband.

Tuesday requires a professional approach to carrying out the bewitching rites. Therefore, conducting the ritual independently you need to accurately follow all of its recommendations.

A very important factor in the success of the quivering effect conducted on this day is the ability to focus on achieving the goal.

Professional magicians note that Tuesdays with the most powerful energy — spring, less powerful — autumn. It is also noted that the fact that this man’s day commands the fire, therefore, it is possible to increase the love spell by carrying out a ritual with a candle.

Men's days for love spell

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and refers to the zodiac constellation Pisces. Best of all on this day are subject to the quivering effects of male romantics, distinguished by their subtle nature.

Thursday is filled with the energy of Mother Earth itself, so the ceremonies that call for help natural elements are very effective. And other attributes directly related to the land.

It is not recommended to conduct rites of black magic on Thursdays, for them the strength of the energy of this day is not enough. Therefore, most likely, such rituals will be ineffective.

According to magical statistics, the strongest Thursdays are in November and December. And the days with the weakest energy force were recorded in May and June.

Thursday is considered a very mild day from the point of view of magic. The love rituals that are held on this day are best suited for partners who have long been familiar, but there is not enough external impetus to start a more serious relationship.

In some ceremonies, it is strictly stated that they should be performed on one of the men’s days. For example, this category includes the bewitching influences aimed at marriage.

On another day, such rituals will be completely ineffective.

If the description of the priory rite does not indicate that it should be carried out exclusively on the men’s day, then it is possible to choose any other day for exposure. But it should be understood that in this case the effectiveness of the love spell can be reduced. Strengthens the effect of the privet rite is also the right choice of the phase of the moon.

Most rituals are recommended, resulting in a rising moon period. It is believed that along with the growth of the night luminary, the love feelings of the partner will also increase.

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