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Make a love spell on the candles yourself in several ways

Love spell — using church or ordinary candles

Fire is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. In both European and Eastern esoterics, he is among the four great elements.

On the one hand, fire is capable of destroying everything in its path, but on the other hand it also warms, illuminates, and helps to create. In addition, the fire has a strong energy, and this causes the fact of its use in many magical rituals.

Strengthening love spell conspiracy with the elements of fire

Lit candles are often used in bewitching rituals, which allow you to increase the magical effect, aimed at attracting love into your life. Doing the candlelight ritual yourself, you call upon the powerful element of fire to help you, which can greatly increase the power of the spoken magic words.

But we must remember that the fire — the element as powerful, so and dangerous, so you need to perform the ceremony very carefully and carefully. If possible, it is advisable to consult with a professional.

Make a love spell on the candles yourself in several ways

To make a love spell on candles by yourself in the following way. Take two red candles and scribble on one of them the name of your chosen one, and on the other — your name.

Light candles and say the following conspiracy nine times:

Say these words, burn the candles with the flame of each other, so that the wax softens as much as possible. Finishing the talk, quickly extinguish the candles and press them together with all your might.

The stronger the candles stick together, the better. In the coming days, you will feel that the chosen one has begun to show a clear interest in you.

Carefully keep the magic candles — this is a talisman of your love, and if someday you feel that the love spell has weakened, and your beloved has lost interest in you, then take these candles and blow them off again with fire.

Another love spell for a red candle is carried out only in men’s days. At night, during the full moon, you should strip naked and take a lighted wax candle in your hand.

Several times you need to slowly carry a candle along your entire body, while constantly repeating:

Thanks to the magic of fire, a candle receives a powerful charge of energy information about you, your body, soul, and your passion. Under any pretext, after the ceremony, have the chosen one take the candle in your hands for a moment, or unnoticeably toss it in your clothes pocket, desk, bedroom or other place where it will be close enough and long enough to be near your loved one.

Make a love spell on the candles yourself in several ways

Considered a strong love spell with church candles. They need to be pre-purchased in the temple, and if you are a believer, then you need to pray near one of the icons and ask for help from the Almighty in solving love breakdowns.

The rite is that the two church candles neatly intertwined. Then they talk.

The conspiracy on the candle sounds like this:

After that, the twisted candles should be set on fire at the same time with a match from a new box and say these words:

After that, the candles must be put out with your fingers and stored in a secret place, while you can not unwind the candles, otherwise the connection with your loved one will be destroyed. Considered a strong love spell on candles with 40 church candles.

They need to be purchased in the temple and before using them in the ritual, read the well-known “Our Father” prayer for each candle. On the same day in the evening, you can proceed directly to the performance of the ceremony.

Candles should be installed in a separate room and lit.

Next, say the following magic words:

After this, all the candles must be simultaneously extinguished and left. Such actions are repeated for 40 days, but only every time with one candle. Such a magical attribute is placed on a saucer and after the spelling of the magic words the candle must burn out.

Thus, wax from 40 candles will be collected on a saucer within 40 days. Wax cakes need to be wrapped in a blank sheet of paper and bury next to the young tree.

In a short time, mutual feelings will arise between you and the chosen one.

The spell on the candles refers to a group of fiery love spells that act quickly. In a bewitched object, love feelings awaken suddenly, it ignites with a passion for another person and absolutely cannot control and control its actions. Such a state can last for about three years, depending on the power of the energy send.

And if during this time true love and affection for each other arose, then the relationship can last forever, and the consequences pass by. Otherwise, feelings are declining and people diverge.

Re-attracting the love of a person to yourself, using the magic of fire, is not recommended.

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