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Make a love spell for monthly blood

Practically each of us has familiar couples whose marriage neither parents nor best friends could understand. Most often it is the unpredictability of love, but there is another absolutely real option, it is a love spell.

Let’s try to find out why monthly blood has bewitching properties.

Make a love spell for monthly blood

The love spell for monthly blood or monthly enchantment is the rare case when the physiological component is stronger than the magic one. It is carried out using menstrual blood.

Take at least an example in nature: a bitch is running, her ovaries are not working, the cable ran up, sniffed and ran past, but when she is in heat, the cable will smell if it breaks the chain and jumps over the fence just to follow it .

If everything is done correctly, the spell will last up to seven years! Monthly love spell is the simplest thing that anyone can do, almost not versed in magic.

Blood is taken on the third day after the start of menstruation.

The ritual can be performed using only your own blood. Using someone else’s monthly blood is extremely dangerous.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to perform the ritual on the third day of menstruation, on this day the spell will be especially strong. Collect your menstrual blood and say magic words over it.

The conspiracy for menstruation is:

Conspired blood must be quietly mixed with the chosen one in food or drink. Red wine is best for this purpose.

It is not only similar to blood in color, but is also considered an esoteric symbol of blood, passion and power. When using it, the love spell will be as strong and fast as possible, because it comes into effect as soon as the man drinks this “potion”.

To enhance the effect, this ritual can be repeated in the following months. If you do not have access to food and drink of a loved one, you can use his photo for the ceremony.

After casting the spell, put blood on the photo so that a drop of blood falls on the heart of the chosen one.

Make a love spell for monthly blood

If you decide to conduct love spell for monthly blood on your own, then remember that it gives practically no spiritual interaction with the object, that is, roughly speaking, this is a love spell exclusively for sex. This is the case when almost zombies lead to the crown, the further family life of such couples is hidden from our eyes by the doors of their apartments, but there will definitely not be happiness behind such doors.

In the unfortunate grief of happiness you cannot build.

Such a man does not love a woman, he hates her in his heart, it often happens that a married couple lives, seemingly go everywhere together by the hand and sleep together, but if he drinks a hundred grams of vodka, he grabs an ax and starts to chase her with hatred. What happens to men after menstrual cravings is reminiscent of a beautiful product on the counter, which at home just begins to deteriorate before our very eyes, in the very first year, once healthy men suddenly begin to ache.

The situation is standard when the symptoms are, and the diagnosis cannot be made. Interestingly, not only men can suffer from menstrual cravings.

The situation is quite piquant, it happens when a blood-enchantment love spell is made on an already married man.

A couple comes in which the relationship has absolutely collapsed, as it turns out, the husband got a mistress on his side and promise her that he would divorce his wife, but he didn’t do that, she didn’t hesitate to think about it, the wife had health problems, her husband did not quit, she actually took on some of the negative impact.

The game of magic for most of them ends in failure, at best, in divorce, but most often the man goes to sleep and gradually turns into a chronic alcoholic. There is another option, such shots can often be seen in criminal news, cold body and blood on the floor … this is how a love spell can turn out if you play with magic on your own!

Do not forget that beforehand it is better to consult a specialist and read reviews, those who did such a love spell!

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