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Magical ritual love spell

Magical ritual love spell

A love spell is a conscious, special influence of energy on a biofield of another person in order to actively awaken in him a mutual feeling. (By means of strong voodoo magic, reading special plots on love and other methods of ordinary witchcraft or other psychological techniques). The magical ritual of a love spell is very unusual in its essence and has a huge number of features.

What does the love spell itself feel? Many methods are based on the process of combining energy flows (male and female biofields), through some “overlay” techniques.

Magical ritual love spell


The fact is that such magic — a stick at two ends, which is capable of acting in two directions.

  • In the first couple of days, and the one who ordered the sentence, and especially the one he is directed at, can feel very heart palpitations (at black love spell — until the feeling of complete arrhythmia, the ability to breathe with great difficulty, especially in the morning time), and still high activity in terms of movements (the desire to constantly run, scream and jump) at the time of the “love spell” (because double energy requires a strong output). In addition to the rapid heart rate, on the first day after putting on a love spell (changes in a person’s energy, embedding), transient trembling (and insomnia obscure for a person), a strong burning sensation inside, feeling “when the whole body aches” (in the absence of other pains) are also likely . Later, these symptoms may go away, and, as usual, do not recur.
  • A person who is bewitched during communications may form a strong feeling of heightened joy and «turbidity in the head» if there is a customer nearby, heightened sexual attraction, as well as some particularly pronounced altered states of consciousness (such as trance, strong love or the initial stages of intoxication).
  • «White» love spell stimulates the process increased warmth and affection, love and adoration (as during special activity of the cerebral cortex, which are responsible for acceptance and approval, love, a sense of kinship and unity).
  • Black love spell, which originates from the “harness” principle works differently: it is difficult without it, and with it (the customer) it is even more difficult. Stress and real anxiety, weakness, as well as severe hair loss, brittle nails, frequent acute respiratory infections, malicious irritation: these are just some of the features of the black love spell.
  • And if average methods work in a similar way with alcohol or well chosen spirits (like the movie “Perfume”), then Zombie makes a person constantly stay with the customer, changing nothing within himself: the recipient always feels like “something is wrong”. It goes without saying that no real relationship from this position will come out.

Magical ritual love spell

Why do we need spells?

Most often, love spells are carried out with the goal of once and for all to return the once destroyed or lost relationship. Different witchcraft can be used here (for example, a conspiracy to love), which is aimed precisely at returning a person. The result of this conspiracy can be achieved due to the fact that it strengthens the energy channels existing between people.

And the less time left from the very moment of separation, the easier it will be to return the old relationship with the help of a love spell.

Terms of love spell

  • The fastest and most reliable result can give the spell that was held within a month or two from the moment people break up. In such situation the effect can be seen after a week after the conspiracy.
  • If since the break is over less than half a year, then renewing old passion will also be quite feasible, but a much larger number of forces may be needed for the return, and the result of this kind of magic will not be immediately noticeable.
  • If the spell is already almost a year later after people broke off the relationship, then the appearance of a visible effect of such a conspiracy may be necessary a couple of months.
  • The critical period of the love spell is from 9 to 12 months: when there is no communication between these two people, or a loved one has feelings for another girl (this means that his point of attention no longer focuses on the customer), or he does not want to communicate. For example, because of insults. Indeed, personal contact and encounters are the most important factor for a true love spell (without it, the possibility of success falls).

Love spell — This is a very difficult phenomenon, the outcome of which is influenced by a huge number of factors: this is the lunar stage at the time of the plot, and the energy combination of the couple, as well as an indispensable condition for communication (they need to touch two broken surfaces). In short, energy fields are required to interact.

The terms mentioned above are rather relative (sometimes even without communication a person may fall in love with a love spell in a few days).

Magical ritual love spell

Rules and effects

In order to correctly identify how reliable this or that way of spell or plot in a particular situation will be, and also how much to expect a result, you should conduct divination before the start of the love spell. Need to investigate in detail aspects of such relationships, in order to predict whether the conspiracy will turn out to be quite effective and how generally the magic is correct in this state of affairs.

The love spell, which is based on the compounds of the energy fields, begins to work — provided there is not very rare and personal interaction with the bewitched — during three days (in a variety of situations, approximately 70%).

With the help of a love spell you can not only return, but also create relationships. So often do in situations with unrequited love. Love magic can help in this situation.

Sorcery is capable of creating love and curiosity in the soul of a person who not long ago seemed cold. By this the love spell gives impetus to want events for the development of relationships.

The fact of communication in this situation is necessary. After all, in addition to magic, people are obliged to see each other.

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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