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Love the girl on the photo in different variations

How to make a love spell on a girl with a photo

Most people who are addicted to magic, believes that love spells are performed mainly by women or girls in relation to their elects. But in fact, many representatives of the stronger sex are interested in how to make a girl’s love spell from a photo. And very often this is due to the fact that men in love cannot take decisive actions to attract the attention of the object of their lust.

And a girl’s love spell from a photo will make her darling pay attention to the admirer, and this can lead to the development of further relations.

Love the girl on the photo in different variations

To avoid negative consequences, it is important to remember that the bewitching ritual should not be performed in the following cases:

  • For fun. Without sincere feelings, love spells even white magic become dangerous, and the magical effect comes back in the form of small and big troubles.
  • If a girl loves another person. In this case, weak rituals will be useless, and strong rites can have dire consequences.
  • If you are trying to return the old relationship and after parting more than a year has passed. Most likely, the girl’s feelings about you have completely cooled down and the love spell will not cause reciprocal feelings, but will only lead to mental discomfort.

There is a huge variety of different love spells that differ in the way they are performed and the strength of the impact. Therefore, to choose the right ritual in accordance with the specific situation is not difficult.

The simplest rite with a photo is designed for a really loving person. It is not complicated, does not require additional attributes and assumes that the message of attracting energy is carried out with the help of deep sincere feelings.

All that is needed is at midnight, preferably on a full moon, to take in hand a high-quality and fresh photo of the beloved.

Peering into her imprinted image, utter the following plot:

The picture should be hidden in a secluded place. As a rule, the results of such a rite appear in a week.

There are ceremonies that allow you to arouse a girl’s sexual desire to yourself. Against this background, the development of a more serious relationship is possible. Only it is necessary to remember that in this case it is necessary to have serious intentions, it is impossible to experiment in this case.

Otherwise, very serious consequences will soon follow, affecting, first of all, the psychological sphere of the victim of the love spell. In addition, they will cause serious health problems with the performer.

For a stronger rite need a drop of blood. Despite the fact that this ritual belongs to black magic, it can not bring significant harm.

You must perform the following steps:

  • Retire to a separate room;
  • Put a pre-prepared photograph of the chosen one on the table;
  • Prick your finger with a sterile needle;
  • Drop a drop of blood in the place in the picture, where the heart of the chosen one is;
  • Say the magic words:

Conspired photo should be carried constantly with them and periodically look at it. Each glance can be compared with the additional promise of the love energy.

The following ceremony is held at home and its participant is directly your chosen one.

For the ritual, you must first prepare the following attributes:

  • A pinch of red pepper;
  • A little bit of your own sweat;
  • Deep bowl with cool water;
  • Soap;
  • Photo favorite.

Before the arrival of the beloved, you need to retire in a separate room, light the candles and add a drop of your own sweat, previously prepared pepper to the water tank, and put the soap in there. Next to the container you need to put a snapshot of the chosen one.

Love the girl on the photo in different variations

After that, the following love spell should be said:

At the time of reading the plot you need to visualize the scene of intimacy with his chosen one. The brighter you get it, the stronger will be the directed energy message.

Soap from the container, after reading the love plot, needs to be taken out, and when the chosen one comes to visit, you should offer her to wash their hands with them. After that, a piece of soap needs to be removed so that nobody else uses it.

This piece of soap can be periodically used to maintain the feelings of the chosen one.

After that, you can spend a pleasant evening with the chosen one, but you should not expect her to immediately agree to stay with you. In order for desire to wake up in her soul it will take some time.

It is important to remember that the plans for any love spells, can not be shared with anyone. The sacrament of action — a guarantee of success, that is, the spell of a girl from a photograph should be carried out in secret.

In this case, the imposition of unwanted energy of strangers on the magic directional influence is excluded.

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