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Love spells that can not be removed — the rules and method of

The love spell in the modern world is very popular. However, most rites are not irreversible.

Some love spells can be removed independently after a certain time, for others special rites are required, and in some cases the help of professional magicians may be needed.

Love spells that can not be removed - the rules and method of

But at the same time there is an opportunity to perform the love spells that can not be removed. They are linked to a specific date.

It is selected as follows:

  • On paper, you must write down the date and month of birth: your own and a bewitched object;
  • Then you should calculate the exact midpoint between these dates: first, the month is calculated, and then the date.

It is on this day that strong omens are held that cannot be removed. It is clear that for each individual person has its own date.

It is necessary to treat the love spells that can not be removed, very responsibly. It is necessary to systematize your thoughts and realize the desire that you want to realize with magic.

Love spells that can not be removed can be carried out by both men and women. In this case, all the rituals should be carried out exclusively in the period of the growing moon.

Love spells that can not be removed are very different, but they are all quite complicated to carry out. It is very important to follow the rules and recommendations of the rites, otherwise they will not be effective.

It is important to remove all ambitious thoughts in order not to turn your chosen one into a slave. Remember that when making a decision to conduct a love spell that cannot be removed, you need to sincerely love a person and want to be with him all your life.

Only in this case can you minimize the negative consequences of such a ceremony.

Love spells that can not be removed - the rules and method of

One of them involves the following actions:

  • You must wake up early in the morning before sunrise on a particular day, which is calculated in advance;
  • Next, you should dress in loose, unrestricted clothing, preferably light-colored clothing, and go outside;
  • Then a pre-purchased church candle should be lit from the match;
  • It is necessary to go around the house with it eight times, dripping with melted wax from a burning candle;
  • Passing the threshold, each time the following magic words are pronounced:

It should be remembered that there should be no witnesses during this ritual. If you encounter a counter, you need to extinguish the candle, and wait until it passes by.

You can’t talk to people you meet or talk on the phone during the ritual.

Love spells that can not be removed - the rules and method of

To bewitch your beloved girl forever you need to have confidence in her sympathy for you. Only on this basis will it be possible to arouse her natural feelings of love for you.

At the same time, such a love effect will ensure loyalty to the beloved throughout the entire period of living together.

For the ceremony you will need to give your girlfriend a golden ring. Such a decoration is a wonderful gift that can provide the desired effect of a strong impact. In addition to the ring in the ritual will need to use three of its own hair.

It is necessary to retire in a separate room, where to light candles and sit for a while in silence, tune in to the image of your beloved and, awakening a desire in your soul, to always be near your chosen one.

Then you need to wind the ring with hairs and pronounce your magic words on each one:

It is very important to put all your feelings into spoken words. Conspired ring must be stored and at the first opportunity it should be presented to his girlfriend. Hair from the ring should be removed immediately before the presentation of the gift.

In this case, you can not throw away the hair, they need to be folded in a cloth bag and stored in a secluded place inaccessible to others.

Strong love spells that cannot be removed are always effective if all the rules have been followed. But quick results can not be expected.

The first signs of success of the ceremony will appear no earlier than a month later.

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