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Love spells and cuffs on the funeral party

Turn-ups from love mate and love spells at the funeral

The magical rites at the funeral are very powerful. Most often at such times, love spells are carried out, as well as lapels from the opponent are performed.

Their great strength is due to the special energy of the sad event, which helps to open the veil to the other world and to attract dark forces to help.

All such rituals are black magic, so when deciding to use them, you need to weigh the pros and cons. If something goes wrong, it can cause dire consequences.

And not only the victim of the rite will suffer, but also the performer himself.

Love spells and cuffs on the funeral party

During the funeral, you can hold effective cuffs of your beloved from a runt. Such ceremonies usually require a presence in the cemetery, but many ceremonies can be easily performed.

Caught by chance witnessing a funeral procession.

It is necessary before preparing to go to the cemetery:

  • Three church candles;
  • Three loaves of black bread;
  • A couple of pieces of raw meat;
  • A couple of bottles of wine.

At the cemetery, after the funeral is over, it is necessary to stand on the place where the coffin stood. It is also necessary to install candles, approximately in the place where the legs, center of the body and the head of the deceased were located.

After this, you need to utter such a conspiracy:

After that, it is necessary to leave the brought something on the grave and quickly go home without looking around. Sweat road should not talk to anyone.

Love spells and cuffs on the funeral party

With the help of courtesy rituals held at the cemetery, you can quickly attract the love of a person you like. There are some features of such effects and they must be taken into account to get the result.

If a man bewitches a girl, then the ritual should be held at the funeral of a female person and vice versa. There is a huge amount of rituals and in each case one should strictly follow the recommendations of a particular love spell.

This is a very strong impact, but only a person who has the opportunity to spend some time next to the deceased in complete seclusion without witnesses can conduct it.

For the ritual, you must first purchase three images:

  • Your own icon, with the face of your saint;
  • The icon of the Mother of God, which is known under the name «Soften Evil Hearts»;
  • The icon of Faith, Hope, Love and their mother Sophia.

All icons, and along with them, and three wax candles need to be purchased in the church without surrender. And again it must be remembered that a man should buy ritual attributes in men’s days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday; and the woman — in women: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

Well, if you can complete the acquisition in the temple on one of the religious holidays. In any case, you cannot leave the church immediately. It will be necessary to light a candle near the icon of Kazan Mother of God, as well as pray and ask for help in what was intended.

Appeal to the Mother of God should be arbitrary words, it is important that the phrases uttered come from the soul. It is necessary to tell about your great love for the person who is planned to bewitch.

After the candles and icons have been bought, all that remains is to wait for the right moment. After the news of death arrives, on the same day, the most beautiful and fragrant apple must be purchased on the market.

Love spells and cuffs on the funeral party

Before you go to the deceased, in your own house in a separate room, you must install on the table icons, purchased earlier, next to each of which to light a church candle. Between the icons and candles should put an apple.

After that, you need to ask for help from God in arbitrary words.

For example, they may sound as follows:

After this, the prayer «Our Father» is recited and then the apple is crossed with a wooden handle with a knife. After that, the candles can be put out, but all the attributes should remain on the table intact, except for the apple, which must be wrapped in a new handkerchief.

Next, take an apple and a knife and go to the dead man.

Left alone with him, the apple should be put in the hands of the deceased and said the following words:

If a man conducts the rite, then the conspiracy may not be mentioned the name of Adam. After pronouncing the magic words, the apple must be crossed again with a knife and taken from the hands of the deceased.

After that, you need to go home; it is not necessary to be present at the time of burial. All attributes must be removed, the icons hidden in a secluded place, and candles to throw at the intersection.

The conspiracy apple must be treated to its chosen one, who was bewitching with the help of a magical love spell.

It is very important after any bewitching or turning-away rite to visit the church in the near future, where they will pray and put candles for their health and for the health of their loved one.

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