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Love spells

Love spells or how to cause love in men

Strong love spells can help to turn the attention of a beloved man to himself, to awaken feelings from an indifferent gentleman. This is a fairly effective tool, which, unlike traditional love spells, has practically no negative consequences.

Love spell on husband

This love spell is used when you want to wake up feelings in your own husband. If you feel that your beloved has cooled and does not feel the same passion, use this option.

But the plot does not work, if you want to bewitch a stranger with it, use other methods to do it.

  • Shirt husband. It is better to buy a new thing. Choose a shirt that a man will definitely wear — he should like her. Ideally, the garment should be made of natural fabric
  • Three candles. Get wax candles in the church shop. The most suitable day for purchase is Friday, and time is the second half of the day.

Wait until dark. Twist the candles together, take the shirt out of the package and place in front of you.

With the palm of your left hand, make circular motions clockwise above the shirt (hold the candles in your right hand). And sentence the magic words of the conspiracy:

Love spells

Light the candles and wait until they burn out completely. At this time, continue to stroke the shirt, introducing the husband in front of you.

You need to think about your beloved only in a positive way: remember all the good moments, mentally thank him for all that he does for you.

After the candles are burned down, the ceremony is considered performed. Throw away the candles and put your shirt in a secluded place and go to bed.

In the morning, wake up your husband and present the conspiratorial shirt. Ask him to put it on and wear during the day.

After he brings the donated item all day, the plot will come into force.

Love spell on any man

This version of the conspiracy works in relation to any man, regardless of what relationship you are. But it is important: do not seek to bewitch a married or young man who already has a beloved woman.

In these cases, the rite not only does not work, but can also bring a lot of unpredictable negative consequences.

To perform the ceremony you will need:

  • Photo chosen. Find a clear, good quality photo. The picture should be clearly visible eyes of a man. The image can be searched in social networks.
  • Church wax candle. Get her in the church shop on Friday afternoon

Wait for the day in which the moon will be in a growing phase. At this time, the lunar energy is most of all directed towards creation, therefore the love spell will be very effective.

Important: the room in which the rite will be performed must be completely empty. Make sure that neither households nor pets do not prevent you.

Wait until midnight and crouch by the window. Light the candle and put it on the windowsill. Observing safety precautions, set fire to the photo of your chosen one from the flame of a candle and start reading the magic text of the plot:

Love spells

The plot needs to be read three times. Clearly and without hesitation. Then collect the ashes, which will remain after the ritual burning of the image.

Follow it to the wind. Then you need to wait until the candle burns out completely, and the remains of wax to bury in the ground.

This conspiracy does not act instantly — it takes effect to the next growing moon. Be patient and wait — after a couple of weeks, the beloved will begin to give you all kinds of attention signs.

Love spell on unmarried

This version of the conspiracy works, if you want to charm an unmarried, very young and inexperienced young man. The difficulty lies in the fact that the plot is read on food, which then needs to be fed to the chosen one.

The rite is performed as follows:

  • Wait until the fifth night, which comes after the new moon
  • Take a pinch of salt
  • Wait until midnight

At midnight, hold the salt in your hand, say the text of the conspiracy:

Love spells

Conspired salt must be used to prepare some tasty dish. Cooked food will have to treat your lover.

From the moment he tastes the food, the spell will start to act, and the guy will fall in love with you.

Watch the video on how to read the plots correctly:

How to read the love spells correctly

There are certain rules that must be followed in order for the conspiracy to work. They are as follows:

  1. Choose the conspiracy, the text of which is most close to your soul. Magic words must respond to the heart, cause an emotional response
  2. While reading a magical text, mentally imagine the image of your chosen one. You should think only about the good — remember everything that attracts you so much to your beloved. Imagine that you are already together. Thank him for his good deeds.
  3. The text of the plot must be memorized in advance in order to pronounce it clearly and without hesitation at the right moment.
  4. It is important to perform the rite in the right frame of mind. You must be relaxed, calm, free from any negative emotions and think only of good
  5. No one should know that you are going to perform the rite. Keep your intention a secret and in no case confess, even the closest people
  6. You can not seek to bewitch a man out of feelings of revenge or resentment, after a serious quarrel. Such a love spell will have unpredictable negative consequences.

And most importantly, you must sincerely and unconditionally believe that the love spell will definitely work. Doubts weaken the magic power of the love spell.

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