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Love spell without prepayment — order or make yourself

Nowadays, the magic in the minds of most people returns to the same place that it occupied for many centuries before the beginning of the era of technical progress. On the one hand, people who believe in its power, in the supernatural abilities of magicians, in the other world, are not much less than in the Middle Ages.

Magic is again surrounded by an aura of mystery and power. On the other hand, the attitude towards it is very practical.

People resort to the help of magicians and perform rituals to solve very specific everyday tasks — to win the heart of the chosen one, success in business, cure from illness and the like.

People order magical assistance in the same way as, for example, a medical service. Phrases like “targeting damage through the Internet” or “love spell without prepayments” no longer surprise anyone. However, as in any other services, here you can run into charlatans.

Therefore, if you need a quality spell, you need to be very careful. Some, afraid to turn to professionals or wanting to save money, carry out the rituals on their own.

There are a lot of love spells for self-execution and some of them are very strong. However, performing the spell yourself, you risk. And not only that the love spell fails.

There is a serious risk that careless and inept intervention in the aura of your chosen one will have a hard effect on his psyche and physical health. In addition, the harm inflicted to another can return to you repeatedly magnified.

But, if you are sure that you can use magic yourself, then you can try to conduct the ceremony yourself, but you should strictly follow the specified rules.

Love spell without prepayment - order or make yourself

The love spell with an Orthodox orientation is considered to be very strong and not negative consequences. It is recommended only for baptized people.

In addition, people who have not previously been crowned in the church can use it. For the ritual, you will need to purchase a pair of wedding candles on one of the Fridays in the temple.

This must be done before noon. When they came home, they should immediately be installed in front of the icon, which is always available in the house of the believer.

They should be lit and three times read such a conspiracy:

After reading such a conspiracy candles need to extinguish. And the next day, the ceremony should be repeated at about the same time.

The same actions need to be repeated within seven days. In the last session, the candles should burn out naturally.

Also in the period of the growing moon, you can hold another strong bewitching rite early in the morning. It is very important that the whole day preceding the rite is not to eat or drink anything.

At the moment of sunrise, you need to turn your face to the east and say the following magic words:

In most cases, it makes sense to trust an experienced person by ordering a love spell from him without payment. The conditions on which magicians agree to work may be different.

Some require money in advance. Most of them work honestly and efficiently, but there is also not high-quality work. Therefore, it is more comfortable to work with those who perform a love spell without prepayment, because in this case you pay, making sure of the quality of work.

However, remember that deceiving a magician who has already done a love spell for you is very dangerous. Therefore, honestly pay for honest work.

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