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Love spell with the help of various rituals at home

We all know that love is not mutual and sometimes it hurts a lot. The love spell of a loved one is often used by women of different ages and social statuses.

But it would be a mistake to think that a love spell is only a woman’s prerogative, many men also turn to this method.

Love spells there are many, among them there are simple ones that you can do yourself. Such love spells can be used in already existing married couples to maintain the senses.

It is enough to periodically cast simple spells.

Love spell with the help of various rituals at home

Very popular are the love spells that are held when cooking or before you go to bed with your loved one.

Self-love spell favorite when cooking involves pronouncing the following words:

You can also spend a love spell before bedtime, the words in this case are as follows:

These simple love spells are good because they do not carry any danger in themselves and are not intended to act against the will of the person; they are designed only to strengthen the love bond. The strength of their actions is directly related to how much the bewitching person loves the bewitched, and also how much you believe in yourself.

The spoken words can be changed, if they do not suit you, the main thing is that they go from the heart.

If an independent love spell of a loved one needs to be performed in relation to a person who has no feelings for you, then you will need to resort to stronger types of love spell, here you should think about whether it is better to turn to a professional, because the stronger the love spell is the more careful it is relate.

Love spell with the help of various rituals at home

In this case, the prerequisites for success will be such factors:

  • Familiarity with the bewitched object;
  • Frequent contact with a loved one, or at least a constant presence in the field of its visibility;
  • The elimination of the love of a beloved man to another woman.

There is a huge number of different love spells that allow you to attract your loved one from a distance. For this, as a rule, a photograph of a person is used as the main attribute.

There is a universal rite that does not require a special conspiracy. It is very important for the success of the rite to just have a strong desire to be with your loved one.

For the ritual should retire in a separate room. To create a magical atmosphere, you should light candles and put photos on the table in front of you: your own and your loved one. Pictures must be fresh, that is, taken very recently.

It is very important that there is no one else on them. It should take some time to sit in complete silence, look at the photos and, with eyes closed, imagine yourself close to your loved one in real life.

If you are a believer, you can strengthen the rite of prayer.

After that, on the backs of the pictures you need to write information about yourself and your loved one. And on your card should write the name and date of birth of a loved one and vice versa. Then the images are folded face to each other and sewn around the perimeter with a red thread.

This should be done very carefully, so as not to hurt the faces on the images. Such an attribute must be hidden in your own house, so that no one will ever find it.

He will act like a magnet and soon your loved one will come to you and will never want to leave again.

To secure the action of this rite you need to purchase a new lock and put it in an unlocked form under your own threshold. When a loved one comes to you and steps across a threshold, you need to lock the lock with a key.

Then you will need to find a way to permanently get rid of the key.

An unfamiliar person at a distance can be attracted by holding a ceremony with candles. The ritual is performed in the period of the growing moon.

The ceremony also involves the use of seven candles of different colors, namely:

  • Three green;
  • Single yellow;
  • One white;
  • Two red.

Love spell with the help of various rituals at home

In addition to candles for the ceremony need olive and rose oil; candles are installed in the following sequence:

  • Green candles are placed vertically at a distance of the index finger from each other;
  • Each red candle is set on the sides of the middle green .;
  • On the left side is a white candle;
  • A yellow candle is placed on the right side.

After that, you need to dip the index finger of the right hand in olive oil and several times to spend on the central green candle. Oil must be rubbed slowly into the temples.

Further, the following actions are carried out:

  • All green candles are lit.
  • Alternately, looking from one candle to another, it is necessary to pronounce the name of a loved one in a powerful, comic voice.
  • Fingers are smeared with rose oil red candles. The remaining oil is slowly rubbed into the hollow between the collarbone at the throat.
  • Alternately, the remaining candles are lit one by one.
  • After that, you need to close your eyes, focus on the image of a loved one, take a deep breath and say these words:

The field of this candle should be extinguished with a knife blade, and the ritual is considered to be completed. Blow out the candles can not, because it will symbolize the fact that the feelings start upwind.

Soon after the ceremony, a chance meeting with a loved one will take place, which will be the first step for further relations.

Strong love spells include love spells in which things are used by the bewitched one, they directly affect his energy, therefore, they act faster and have a long-term effect. As carried out, such love spells read our other articles.

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