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Love spell will help to gain mutual love

Love spell — not a fairy tale and not charlatanry. This is a real opportunity to attract love into your own life with the help of magic.

Such a love spell is a powerful magic means of directional action and with illiterate use can be very dangerous and lead to negative consequences. But knowledgeable people know how to appreciate his strength and use in their own interests.

In general, in real life magic is used much more often than the uninitiated think. An excellent exam, recovery from a serious illness, a highly profitable contract and many other successes are often achieved with the help of magical rites.

Naturally, successful people never advertise this. Likewise, magic can help in love affairs.

There are many love spells with the use of various ritual objects or with reference to various powerful forces. For beginners, a love spell with the use of the forces of nature is well suited.

Love spell will help to gain mutual love

Love spell to the wind — quite simple and, at the same time, effective. He is good in those cases when you need to engender a feeling in the heart of a young man who does not pay attention to you.

To perform it you need to choose the time when the wind blows in the direction where it lives.

Face the wind, spread your arms and say:

Another simple and strong love spell, which is well suited for beginners — at sunset. In the evening, choose the moment when the sun has almost disappeared over the horizon.

Turn your face to the west and, looking at the setting sun, repeat:

Repeat these words until the sun fully sets below the horizon.

Love spell with the use of water can be used to attract the betrothed to life. You can talk and another drink, but it should not be a yellow shade. This is a very effective way, if there is sympathy between two people, but it cannot develop into a serious relationship for some reason.

Water should be poured into a wide container.

Leaning over it in such a way as to see your display, speak the following words:

Conspiracy drink under any pretext you need to treat your loved one.

Love spell using various attributes

To enhance the effects in rites, various attributes can be used that reinforce the directional effect of magic words. Very popular rite with a photo.

The easiest way is to look intently at the person in the picture.

At the same time, utter the following words:

In order to make a love spell at a distance it is recommended to use salt. The rite is very simple and for its success is important belief in success and in their own strength.

It is believed that this ceremony is more suitable for wives whose husbands are on a business trip.

For the ceremony, some salt is poured into a white plate from a new pack and the following words are pronounced:

After that, the salt just needs to be thrown into the toilet and flushed with plenty of water.

Love spell will help to gain mutual love

Considered a traditional love spell with the use of candles. In some rituals, church candles should be used, in others — colored candles. Married women who feel that the husband is looking to the side can return past feelings with the following rite.

For the ritual, you need to take two thin church candles and twist them tightly together.

In the process, you need to pronounce the following words:

After this, the candles are lit from one match and the following magic words are pronounced:

While the candles are burning, one should remain in solitude and complete silence, concentrating on thoughts of the beloved as much as possible. White rituals aimed at attracting love are more suitable for self-realization. It is not difficult to distinguish a black love spell conspiracy; it always contains requests for human suffering and anguish.

The meaning of the magic words is imbued with threats and a negative message to the address of the bewitched object.

White love spell is not so fast in comparison with the analogue of black magic. He is able to influence the feelings and desires of a person in certain conditions.

With it, you can awaken sincere feelings in a person and create a successful union. It is better to read love plots in the period of the growing moon.

The night light will increase, and with it the soul of your chosen one will be filled with love. In addition, it should be remembered that the effectiveness of the love spell depends largely on how often you can communicate with your beloved in real life.

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