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Love spell — white rite

Love spell is used very often in order to bewitch a loved one or a loved one. Variants of the rite there are so many.

Therefore, it is absolutely easy to choose a ritual to resolve a specific situation.

Any love spell on the castle is considered a ritual of white magic, so its negative consequences are minimal. And since such ceremonies are not very complex, they are very much in demand for self-conduct at home.

But it should be remembered that in order for a love spell to be effective, it must be carried out by a person with a strong energy, fully confident in his abilities. For the effectiveness of the impact is also important unconditional faith in the power of magic.

Love spell - white rite

For a strong rite need:

  • Small new padlock with key;
  • Photo of the elect;
  • Own photo.

If for any reason you can not get a picture of your chosen one, then the pictures can be replaced with the hair of a loved one, but in this case you will also need to use your own hair. The castle should be bought on the growing Moon on Friday, and the rite itself should be held at the predawn hour or at noon.

It is necessary to unlock the handle of the cooked lock and stitch photos folded on its sides onto it. After that, the lock must be closed with a key.

If hair is used, then with it you need to weave a pigtail, which should be pressed with a handle, while closing the lock.

After that, this lining must be attributed to the house of the chosen one and prikopat it, so that he would be in the way of a loved one.

During this action, whisper the following words:

After that, you need to quickly go home without looking around and without talking to anyone on the road.

The key to the plotted lock should be kept under your pillow for a week, and you should always fall asleep with thoughts of your beloved. After that, you need to hide it in a secluded place that only you should know about.

In no case can anyone share information about the rite or show the key.

This ceremony is rather complicated in execution, as it is held during the day, so it is very difficult to perform all the necessary actions unnoticed. But at the same time, if everything is done correctly, it is very productive.

Soon after it, you will be able to build relationships with your loved one, but their further development depends solely on the feelings of the partners.

Love spell - white rite

The peculiarity of this rite with the use of the castle is that, despite all its strength, it does not bind people. If you understand that the natural feelings of the chosen one for you have not been able to awaken or over time your relationship has exhausted itself, then the remains of the fortunetelling can be removed very simply.

To do this, just give the key to the chosen one and say the following words:

At the same time, it is not necessary to explain your act to the chosen one, he has the right to think whatever he wants. On the other hand, if you understand that your feelings with your partner grow stronger day by day, and your relationship becomes serious and promising, then the key should be thrown into a river or stream.

This will consolidate your love for a long time and will not allow it to fade away from the routine of family everyday life.

It is very important that all the love spells that are carried out using the lock are easily recognizable. Such an effect can very easily be diagnosed by any professional magician. This means that, if necessary, such an alien effect is simply removed.

And, if you do it in a timely manner, then you can eliminate any negative consequences.

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