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Love spell: white magic

A love spell on friendship allows one to cause friend feelings in a person or to strengthen an existing friendship between two people. In addition, there are ceremonies that allow you to create a generally friendly atmosphere around you.

Love spell: white magic

Love spells are different directions. Rituals can be used:

  • To attract friends to your own life. As a rule, this is a suitable option for people who dream of having a reliable faithful friend in life. In most cases, such rites will be performed in the phase of the growing moon during the daytime.
  • To maintain existing relationships. These rituals are useful not only to strengthen friendship, but also apply when it is necessary to restore frustrated friendships.
  • To attract new friends and acquaintances in your life. Such effects allow the performer to relax and look more attractive in the eyes of others.

It is very important, choosing a rite for a particular case, to fully follow its recommendations. Only with this approach can you make an effective quivering effect, aimed at acquiring friends or strengthening friendships.

If you want to make friends with a particular person, you can conduct a very simple ceremony, which is very effective. To do this, you need to speak in special words a small object that must be thrown at the victim’s house.

That is, for such a ceremony you need to be able to visit the house of a person who is planned to bewitch to friendship.

If there is no opportunity to get into the house to the victim, then, as an option, you can speak a coin, which is then tossed into the clothes pocket. The love spell on friendship is held exactly at noon.

The magical conspiracy sounds like this:

The conspiracy must go to the victim on the day of the ceremony. Otherwise, the effectiveness of the impact significantly reduced.

Sometimes it happens that a person at a subconscious level pushes away possible friends from himself. As if in an involuntary way, he creates an uncomfortable atmosphere around himself.

You can change this situation with the help of magic. For the ritual, it is necessary to prepare twelve different natural flowers, but all of them should be a bright shade. With this bouquet you need to go to the temple and pray at the icon of tamed hearts.

After that, the bouquet should be left at the icon.

Before leaving the temple, it is necessary to whisper the following magic words three times:

After that, you need to go home and on the road with no one should talk. Despite the fact that this ritual is considered to be performed and immediately begins to act, it is recommended to repeat it again in a month.

It often happens that after a break of friendly relations it is very difficult to take the first step towards and try to restore friendly relations. You can restore the old friendship with the help of a magical rite.

The magical effect will quietly melt the ice of hostility and resentment and allow you to restore friendly relations. Such a ritual should be performed during the growing moon in the evening, necessarily on Friday.

For the ceremony you will need to prepare in advance:

  • Three small decorative candles made of white wax and one church candle;
  • Sharing a photo with a friend, but if it’s not there, you can simply write your names on a white sheet of paper;
  • Small mirror;
  • A ball of red wool.

Love spell: white magic

When conducting it is necessary to perform the following actions:

  • The mirror is placed on the table;
  • A photo or a note is placed on the table in front of the mirror;
  • Three white candles are placed between the picture and the mirror;
  • A church candle is placed next to the photo;
  • At first the church candle is lit;
  • Then white candles are lit in turn, and each time such a conspiracy is uttered:

Such a rite must be performed within twelve days. There should be no break, even if you and your friend have already made up. If reconciliation did not happen by itself, then during the ceremony you need to gather courage and take the first step.

In this case, reconciliation will occur quickly and painlessly.

It should be remembered that there are so many white rituals with which you can make friends with new people or reconcile with old friends. Therefore, the use of rites of black magic is not recommended.

If they are carried out incorrectly or random errors, you can achieve the absolutely opposite result, that is, cause a strong dislike for the victim in relation to himself.

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