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Love spell to name

The name of a person is not just a set of sounds for its designation, it is the most important attribute of the human person. The name of each person is closely connected with the soul and body of his master. It is well known from ancient times.

Previously, when giving a name to a child, parents tried to consult with priests, magicians and astrologers.

Love spell to name

In the course of life, people changed their names and did it not for aesthetic and fashionable reasons, but to change their destiny. For many nations it was not customary to open their real name to strangers in order not to put themselves at risk of spell or damage. In our time, the names are much simpler, but this does not mean that the magic link between the name and the host has weakened.

The love spell addressed to the person today can be not less effective, than centuries ago.

In fact, the name of a person is somehow used in most rituals of love magic, increasing and directing the power of other magical objects and actions.

There is also a special love spell for the name, in which the name of the boy or girl becomes the main tool of the magical effect. In order to carry out such a spell, look at the rising sun at dawn.

In this case, say so:

Instead, Ivan and Stepan, you can use any other names, the key is only the name of your beloved.

Another popular love spell for a name uses multiple repetitions of a person’s name to establish a bioenergy link with it.

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