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Love spell to bring my wife back to the family

Effective love spell to return the wife and her love

In each, even the most prosperous family, quarrels and disagreements periodically occur. In most cases, conflicts against the background of mutual love can quickly be extinguished.

But very often there are situations when the beloved spouse decides to leave the family after another man appears in her life. Therefore, for a loving husband, the question of how to get a wife back in order to save a family becomes very relevant.

You can use the magic in this case. A love spell to return a wife is a very effective means, but before using it you need to be sure that you can forgive your wife.

That is, it will be necessary to abandon any reproaches and completely release resentment.

Love spell to bring my wife back to the family

Any love spell to return the wife to read on the growing moon. This will quickly revive mutual love feelings.

In addition, along with the growth of the moon, attraction to each other will increase, which will exclude the possibility of re-separation.

A love spell, aimed at the return of his wife is more effective if the rite is held at night with lit candles.

If there was a serious discord in the family, and against the background of his beloved wife, there was a desire to leave the family, then the next ceremony can be held. The ritual is held at midnight and for this you need to retire in a separate room and light three church candles.

Then follows, without taking your eyes off the flame of one of the candles, to present the image of your beloved wife.

Then pronounce these words:

After reading the conspiracy, you need to extinguish the candles and go to sleep in complete silence. If such a ceremony is held on time, before the spouse leaves the family, then nothing will threaten your family happiness.

All problems can be resolved on their own, compromises will be found on all issues, and you will live a long happy life together.

If the wife has already left the family, then you can try to return her by conducting a ceremony with a padlock. In addition to him in the rite will need to use wax candles.

Having retired in a separate room at midnight you need to light candles and visualize the image of your wife while looking at their flame. After this happens, you need to take the lock in the open form in your left hand, and the key to it in your right hand.

After that, you need to say these magic words:

Love spell to bring my wife back to the family

After the words are pronounced, the key must be turned in the lock. Next you need to leave the attribute next to the candles, which should burn out naturally.

While they will burn out, you need to sit in absolute silence and dream about how happy and harmonious family life will be after the spouse returns to the family. Then you need to go to bed without talking to anyone after the ceremony.

And in the early morning you need to collect all candle stubs and a lock, wrap them in a bag and go to the nearest natural reservoir, where to throw them as far as possible from the shore.

This rite is considered very strong, so soon the spouse will return to the family. The main thing is to set yourself up so that her return will not be followed by reproaches and squabbles.

If your wife’s departure, in your opinion, is not associated with the loss of love feelings, but is most likely caused by resentment, you can try to return the spouse using the power of wedding attributes. After all, on this day, the love of two people, in most cases, is at its peak, so wedding items are not only filled with love energy, but also keep it for a long time.

For the ritual, you need to retire in a separate room, and light candles. Next, you need to sit at the table and lay out in front of a variety of wedding attributes.

These can be wedding rings, gifts and other accessories. Then you need to take wedding photos, and considering them, remember the happiest moments of your life together.

In the process, you need to pronounce any phrases that are filled with a sincere desire to be with your beloved wife.

At the end of the ceremony, you should take a wedding photo in which you are depicted together with your wife, and roll it up into a tube, tied with red thread. This attribute should be put under the bed, it should be there until the wife returns to you.

After that, the snapshot must be removed to an inaccessible place, it will serve as a guardian of your family happiness.

Remember that if there is even the slightest hope of returning his beloved woman without using magic, the bewitching rite should be abandoned. But, if, after all, it was decided to use magic to return the spouse, then it should be remembered that only a positive attitude and complete confidence in success will make the magic effect effective.

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