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Love spell to attract a loved one

How to make a love spell on candles

A love spell on candles is one of the most popular ways to evoke feelings in the chosen one with the help of love magic. Most often used twisted church candles.

Let’s talk about the rules and methods of such a magical rite.

What candles are suitable for the rite?

Why spell on candles has power? The fact is that the wax from which candles are made is an excellent conductor of energy.

And the fire is a powerful element that enhances the magical effect of the rite several times.

Love spell to attract a loved one

It is important to use the “correct” candles for the rite:

  • They must be made of wax. Paraffin and other candles are not suitable
  • Buy candles in the church shop. The best time is Friday, the first half of the day.
  • Great, if you manage to find red candles — they have the most powerful energy

It is better to buy candles with a margin.

Love spell rules

There are still some rules that must be followed for the rite to work:

  1. Love spell done at night. The best time is after midnight.
  2. All other sources of light in the room must be extinguished.
  3. No one should disturb you. Make sure no households or pets enter the room during the ritual.
  4. The room should be perfectly clean. Disorder interferes, prevents the “right” energy from circulating
  5. You must sincerely and unconditionally believe that the love spell will work. Doubts interfere with love magic to show their strength
  6. No one should be aware of your intention to perform the ceremony. Keep your actions secret
  7. Your intentions must be good — do not try to bewitch a person out of resentment, revenge or anger. Negative emotions will certainly create unpleasant consequences for the soul of your chosen one and your
  8. Make a love spell on the growing moon or on the new moon. At this time, the lunar energy is aimed at creating

Follow all these rules strictly, and then the result will not take long to wait.

When the love spell does not work?

Love spell on twisted candles has enough power. But in some cases it does not help to enchant a loved one. What reasons may impede the effect of love magic:

  • Your chosen one has already bewitched. In such cases, you first need to do the rite of the lapel. Consider that you should know exactly who cast a spell on a man before you
  • A man already has feelings for someone else. If this is true and strong love, magic will be powerless.
  • Familiar has a very strong positive energy. It can become a serious barrier through which no love spells can penetrate.

In other cases, the spell should work.

Love spell for two candles

This is the most popular way to bewitch your chosen one. Make a love spell is quite simple. You will need:

  • Two wax church candles. Preferably white or whatever you like.
  • Pink plain tablecloth. It should be new, purchased specifically for the love spell
  • Foil. You can buy regular food foil
  • Stands for candles. It is best if they are also new and made of metal.
  • Safety pin. Also new

Prepare everything you need, wait until midnight on the night of the rising moon and get ready to do a love spell. Lay the tablecloth on the table and use a red chalk to draw a heart in its center.

In the center of the heart, place two candles in a stand and light them.

Speak the words of the beloved conspiracy clearly:

Love spell to attract a loved one

It is not necessary to extinguish the candles — wait until they burn out naturally. Collect the melted wax and carefully place it on the foil while it is still liquid.

Wait until it completely hardens and with the help of a pin scrape the names: yours and the one you need to bewitch.

After the ceremony, hide all used items in a secluded place. Take care that no one accidentally finds a cache.

Love spell will take effect within three days.

Strong love spell for two twisted candles

About this spell for two twisted church candles, those who did it, leave good reviews. It is believed that this is one of the strongest rites of love magic.

You will need two wax church candles bought in the church. Take each of the candles in turn into your hands and say the words of the love spell conspiracy:

Love spell to attract a loved one

After this, the candles need to be lit, wait until the wax softens a little and becomes plastic. Then twist the candles together.

This is a preparatory manipulation before the ritual itself.

For forty days at the same time you should light twisted candles and mentally represent the image of the person you are trying to bewitch. Try to do it quickly, so that the wax is enough for the entire period.

After forty days from the candles will remain only stubs, and the love spell will be considered completed and will take effect.

Keep in mind that this spell is very powerful — it will tie the chosen one to you forever. If you are not ready for such a long relationship, better use other methods.

Watch a video about a love spell on twisted candles:

The «white» love spell

If you are afraid of the negative consequences that may come to you and your chosen one as a result of a love spell, abandon the traditional methods of love magic.

«Charm» a man will help ordinary women’s tricks:

  • Always look good: clean hair, neat manicure, eyelashes dyed, eyebrows plucked out, at least
  • Do not focus on your chosen one: fill your life with interesting events, people, hobbies
  • Do not impose, let the man take the initiative
  • He needs to see that other men like you — surround yourself with fans.

If you become a bright, interesting person, with many things and hobbies, then the man will certainly pay attention to you. And if not — someone else will appear, and a love spell is not required.

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