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Love spell — the power of night dreams

Love spell is a very effective magic tool that allows you to bewitch your loved one quite easily. This is due to the fact that you will simply appear every night to your chosen one in a dream and sooner or later he will still come to you.

In addition, a love spell is a real love spell, if you are apart from your beloved and it is important for you that he always remember you and miss you. It can also prevent accidental betrayal.

Love spell - the power of night dreams

This kind of love-ceremonies does not differ in the duration of action. The maximum exposure period is two weeks.

But at the same time, it is quite allowed to repeat the rite in time.

It is important that this type of ritual is a means of white magic, so they can not harm either the victim or the performer. It is also noteworthy that love spells do not break the will, but, most likely, are a reminder of another person.

After such a ceremony it is not at all necessary that mutual strong feelings arise.

There are a huge variety of options for sleeping rituals. But the main condition for their effectiveness is that such impacts should be carried out in a good mood and positive mood.

If you are upset by anything, then the ritual should be postponed for another time.

The phase of the moon for holding love spells does not matter. But at the same time, it is advisable to spend approximately at the time when your elect must go to bed.

You can clarify it, for example, by calling. The unobtrusive question of when a loved one goes to bed is unlikely to alert him.

But, nevertheless, it is important that your chosen one does not suspect anything, otherwise the impact will not be effective.

Love spell - the power of night dreams

To carry out a strong impact, you will need the following attributes:

  • The mirror is a small round shape;
  • A small white wax candle;
  • Red marker.

All items that will be used in the rite must be new. Moreover, in order to remove foreign energy from them, they should be cleaned with fire or holy water.

Also in advance you need to stock up a photo of a loved one, it is desirable that it was new and there were no unauthorized persons on it.

The ritual is to perform the following actions:

  • It is necessary to put in the center of the table a photograph of a loved one;
  • At the top of the picture should put the mirror face up;
  • On the mirror you need to write the full name of a loved one.
  • Take a lighted candle in your right hand and, holding it over the mirror surface, whisper the following magic words:

Spend about ten minutes doing this. Do not be distracted during this time, think about your chosen one.

It is necessary to fully concentrate on the thoughts of his beloved. In the course of the ceremony, you should feel that your positive emotions, filled with sincere love and longing, have left you and reached your loved one.

At the end of the ceremony, the candle should be blown out and simply thrown away, and the mirror and photo of your loved one should be placed under the pillow and try to fall asleep as soon as possible with thoughts of your chosen one. In the morning, the attributes should be hidden in a secluded place of the week for two.

Love spell - the power of night dreams

As you know, the night light is often used as an assistant in love magic. And love spells are no exception.

In order to dream of a loved one, you can ask for help from the moon.

A simple bewitching ritual provides for very simple, but effective actions. It is necessary to cross the mouth and looking at the moon, say the magic words.

Such a conspiracy must be repeated several times until the subconscious feeling that the words have reached the goal.

You can use another love spell conspiracy, which contains a direct appeal to the moon. Before reading it, write magic words on a piece of paper.

They should sound like this:

Words are read from the sheet three times and each time they should sound the same. After that, the sheet should be burned, and the ashes dispel through an open window.

The main thing for any love spell is faith in magic. If you are a naturally energetic person, the impact of success is assured.

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