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Love spell: the power of love

Herbs are very often attributes of the love ceremonies. They are largely able to increase the magical effect and speed up the expected result.

The choice of grass depends on many factors, namely: the birthday of the victim, the immediate purpose of the rite, and others. Therefore, to obtain the desired result from a particular rite, it is better to consult with a professional magician before choosing herbs.

Love spell: the power of love

Spell-grass was used in magical rites in ancient times. With its help, girls became more attractive in the eyes of men, or they fascinated the attention of their chosen ones.

Nature gave us plants with universal properties. And, using them, you can manage events in the love sphere quite easily.

So, for witchcraft, aimed at strengthening the family bond is recommended to use purple basil. This love spell will allow you to successfully solve the problems. And it is very important that no complicated magical actions are required.

All that is needed is to add purple basil to food with thoughts of a loved one. In this way, it is possible to very quickly harmonize relations with a spouse.

A universal plant that can be used for any kind of love in a cup is mandrake. A special potion is brewed from it, which is spoken in random words.

Attract the attention of a chosen one can tincture of periwinkle. It, for example, needs to be added to wine.

This plant acts in such a way that for a certain time the victim of the love spell stops being distracted by other women and this is quite enough to arouse a real interest in the man.

The use of bewitching herbs is absolutely safe. Their natural energy can not harm and can only awaken feelings in people who sympathize with each other.

On the night of Ivan Kupala, you need to collect blackberries, from which you can make a strong love potion, using which you can forever bind your chosen one to yourself.

So, on the night of Ivan Kupala, be sure to collect such herbs:

  • Melissa;
  • Knapweed;
  • Air.

It is possible to supplement such a collection with other medicinal plants, which can be collected at your discretion. It is also very important, as an exception, to cook a lingonberry root for the Holy Trinity, which later will also need to be used to make a love potion.

Love spell: the power of love

At the beginning of cooking, you need to heat the honey with a fixed white wine in a 1: 1 ratio. In the process, you should say the magic words nine times.

After that, you should proceed directly to the preparation of the philtre, for which you need:

    Add a sprig of lemon balm and pronounce the words:

In the end, you can add other herbs, but nothing more to say. Cooked broth should be removed from the heat and placed under your bed for three nights.

After this, the love potion must be drained and all herbs, except for the associated lingonberry root, should be collected in a bag and buried in the street under the tree. In the near future, a ring of cowberry need to be thrown into the house to the chosen one, and the potion added to any drink that you treat your loved one.

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