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Love spell that will work for sure — read at home

Love spell that will work for sure — read at home

In today’s world, everything comes down to money — they are a vital necessity. And if someone complains that he cannot replenish his wardrobe with another coat from the new collection, or go on a vacation to the Maldives, then someone just doesn’t have enough money for the most basic: his own housing, car, baby carriage, medicines, — and on food.

How can you help your family and yourself in such a difficult situation without breaking the law and avoiding unpleasant consequences? The solution is: ask magic for help — read money.

Performing a magical ritual to attract money at home will help you, if not to become fabulously wealthy, then at least stop counting every penny, stop saving literally everything and make your house a full cup, attracting finance, like a magnet.

Love spell that will work for sure - read at home

Conditions for making a love spell

Many reasons compel people to turn to financial ritual. And there is the same set of monetary love spells.

But they are all united by specific conditions and factors that must be observed in order to achieve the desired result and begin to attract well-being.

To make a love spell for money at home exactly worked, you need to remember a few rules. Consider them point by point:

  • Any love spell for money has its expiration date, which is usually 1-1.5 years, since the money energy is quite mobile, changeable and unstable. Therefore, after a specified period of time, the ritual must be repeated to begin its action again.
  • Best and the right time for a money rite is the rising moon. A love spell made on a decreasing month can lead to a similar result (loss of finances).
  • The person making the money spell should holy and firmly believe in its power and influence, otherwise, nothing will be achieved.

There is nothing complicated and beyond in these rules, their observance will contribute to a stable financial flow. However, in this case, you need to remember one popular wisdom — water does not flow under a still stone.

Having done a love spell for money, you can’t blame it on all responsibility — money ritual is meant to help, and not work for you.

None of the spell just will not work and the money will not appear if you sit on the couch.

Therefore, after a love spell, you must work hard and not relax in any case. Only then can one acquire wealth and financial success, and monetary magic will only multiply them.

How to bewitch money?

Next, I will look at the most popular and effective ways to bewitch money that can be done without the involvement of a magician.

Love spell with wallet

The best assistant in achieving financial well-being is a wallet. Money does not like when they are stored anywhere and how horrible.

Therefore, buying a good wallet is an indispensable condition for attracting wealth.

Love spell that will work for sure - read at home

What should be a wallet?

The size of the “house for money” must be such that it does not have to bend the notes in it. Preference should be given to a purse of red, black, brown or metallic (silver, gold) colors.

Wallet material — genuine leather, velvet, suede. But synthetics only scare financial luck.

And finally, there should be separate pockets for coins, small and large bills — you can not keep money in disarray.

Plots on the wallet that will work exactly

  1. Held during the rising moon, on Wednesday. Open wallet and read:
  2. “There are as many stars in the sky, as there is a lot of water in the sea, so that money does not run out in my wallet. Amen».
  3. A new wallet is being talked into, in which you first need to place several large banknotes of different denominations and a handful of coins. Slander to read on an open wallet, mentally referring to it and to the wealth in it: “As coins are collected for bills, wealth and happiness come to me, and bills flow to a new wallet for coins. In my purse, everything rustles and rings: on new clothes, on a gold ring, and everything is enough. Hard my word. Amen».

Lunar ritual

Love spell is carried out in a clear moonlit night. A glass of ordinary water should be put on the window sill so that the light from the moon is reflected in the water — this will charge it with powerful energy. Later, this water should wash, while quietly read:

“Like you, a month, I was thin and full, so I will have all the good”.

The ideal would be to put water on the young moon to recharge, and wash it with a full moon.

Love spell that will work for sure - read at home

A simple money plot that will work for sure.

You can put into practice the following ritual, very simple in execution. Words need to be pronounced every time you make a purchase or sell:

“Money from your wallet is in mine, let it always be with me. Your treasury is now my treasury.


Another ritual for money with the use of red thread, see the video:

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