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Love spell that loved loved

Love spell — simple tricks to attract love

“The path to the man’s heart lies through the stomach,” popular wisdom says and turns out to be right. Of course, not every man will give his heart for delicious food, but this can be facilitated by turning to the help of magic.

For centuries, women resorted to love spells for food and drink and got their husband the right person for their husbands.

Love spell that loved loved

Love spell on food or drink is one of the most effective ways of magical effects on humans. It gives the result in the shortest possible time — and what else is needed for those who crave love and attention from their chosen one or chosen one?

Apply this kind of love rituals can be representatives of both sexes. In men, he even turns out to be more effective — no wonder they say that they are the best cooks, and any woman on a subconscious level will choose a man who will show himself a good host.

A love spell for food is a magical rite that you can easily make yourself. But first I recommend to study the general material on this issue.

What to consider when making a love spell on food?

Remember that your thoughts and words are material. And food is just the substance that absorbs the thoughts and even the energy of the cook.

Surely more than once you have noticed that the same dish, cooked in a different state of mind, turns out to be different both in taste and in edibility. With the help of thoughts and words, you can make food either the food of the Gods or poison, even for the most resistant organism.

Love spell that loved loved

For food, intended to commit a love spell, we need a special approach. Important nuances:

  • Do not cook the dish for a love spell spontaneously — carefully prepare, adjust yourself to the desired mode.
  • Your goal should be clearly stated, do not allow ambiguity.
  • Cook with love — this is the most important «seasoning» component, allowing to achieve the desired.
  • You can safely “program” a dish for any result, and for this you do not have to accompany the sacrament of cooking the love beast with special plots or prayers. Enough in the process of thinking and talking about what you want to achieve.
  • Do a love spell on food on the growing moon — the feelings of the chosen one will grow with the night star.

Varieties and consequences of love

There are many kinds of love ritual on food, but they are united by a common goal — to achieve the favor of a loved one, to conquer it. Most of these love spells belong to the magic of white, so the negative effects of them are minimal.

However, there is a group of love spells, implying the addition of blood to the food (monthly or from a cut). These are the rites of black magic, and I highly recommend it not to be carried out on my own.

Black magic should be done only by a skilled magician. The fact is that the love spell for food with the addition of blood is very dangerous: it completely destroys the will of its victim, causes him to submit to the will of the customer (or mage).

Lead it to the fact that both of its members lose their identity. Do you need this?

I suppose not.

Therefore, in any case, do not use blood or other components of black magic at home. Of course, the effect of them is impressive (if they are done correctly and professionally), but a rollback can be powerful — do not put yourself and your loved one at risk.

Love spell by yourself

Method number 1 — on any dish

Any food that the bewitched should eat afterwards must say. Best of all — if this dish will fall into the category of his favorite.

A love spell is being made on the growing moon. To enhance the effect, the spell is read several times (best of all, an odd number of times). Plot text:

«As Eve followed Adam, so are you, God’s servant (name of the chosen one), for God’s slave (own name) go on Yes, we live forever together, share bread and bed, keep up with each other, don’t know each other without friends.

Where God’s servant (own name), there and God’s servant (name of the chosen one). Amen!»

If a man makes a love spell, you only need to swap the phrases “God’s servant” and “God’s servant” in some places.

Method number 2 — on the departed husband

The spouse can take advantage of this love spell when there is a rift in the relationship with her husband. This conspiracy has no effect on unmarried men. He reads on any food intended for the head of the family.

A ritual is performed on odd days. Text:

“Lord, bless you with bread, reward with holy water so that my husband (spouse’s name) He was with me forever and ever. Salt is in food, blood is in the liver, your flesh is in me. Key, lock, tongue.

Let it be so».

Love spell starts the action when the husband eats the food dish. Usually after the ritual he stays with his wife forever.

Method number 3 — a strong spell on salt

Love spell that loved loved

Salt is a product with unique energy properties. It absorbs information well, so overanged with salty words are among the strongest.

This is a great alternative to the rites of black magic. The seasoning is started using the following spell:

«Like God’s servant (name of the chosen one) do not eat anything without salt, so would it be without me, God’s servants (own name), he could neither eat, nor drink, nor walk women. As salt is a seasoning for every dish, so would I, God’s servant (own name) was for God’s servant (name of the chosen one) pleasing to every cause.


Prerequisite: with spelled salt, the bewitched must personally (!) salt his food. Therefore, improvise: under-salt the dish, prepare a personalized salt shaker for the husband (chosen one).

Another way to bewitch on food, see the video: