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Love spell: simple rituals

How to quickly make a love spell beloved using salt

Salt is a unique multifunctional natural product. It is used in food, it is a necessary component of many technological processes in production and is indispensable in some medicinal procedures.

Natural salt is very often used as an additional attribute in various magical rites, including in love spells. Love spell on salt is always very effective.

Therefore, this natural attribute, most often, is used by lonely people who do not succeed, despite all efforts, to build a personal life.

Love spell: simple rituals

For rituals, special salt should be used and it is very easy to make it yourself. If you are planning to conduct a bewitching rite, it is recommended to buy a new pack of salt on Thursday. It is necessary to acquire it without surrender or not to accept change.

Then, having come home, you need to pour salt on the dish, put gold or silver jewelry without stones into it and read prayers over it. Such salt can be used during ceremonies, but it cannot be used for cooking.

You can also clean the salt to use the bewitching rite, sanctifying it in the church. For the love spells you need to use high-quality rock salt.

It must be clean, it is undesirable that it contains any impurities, dirt or any stone particles. At the same time the grain of the salt does not matter.

The next love spell on salt, which should be read only in the early morning hour during the rising moon, is very popular.

In addition to salt, you should prepare the following attributes:

  • Small linen bag;
  • White saucer;
  • Photo favorite.

The ritual involves the following actions:

  • In the saucer poured purified and prepared for the rite of salt hill;
  • Before him is a picture of a loved one;
  • A hill of salt is covered with palms and a love spell is pronounced until the tingling heat is felt in the palms:

Conspired salt must always be carried with you and at the first opportunity add a pinch to the food of your chosen one. This is a very strong spell on salt and it will work if the salt can be used at least once.

But if it does not work, then a little conspired salt should be poured under the threshold to the chosen one, although in this case the force of the impact will be less.

A love spell on salt is also an effective means in order to bewitch a husband and exclude any possibility of his leaving the family. This rite came from the time of Ancient Russia and has nothing to do with black magic.

Since it is natural to desire any woman to save the family and not allow it to destroy external forces.

The conspiracy salt in this case was used for cooking. It had to be consecrated with all other products for Christmas, and then put in the sun so that it warms up in the sun.

Then they brought her into the house and spoke three times in the following conspiracy:

The conspired salt had to be used until the next holiday, periodically spicing it on the prepared food.

If you are confident in your own feelings towards a person, but you can’t get him to pay attention to you in any way, you can solve this problem with the help of the rite of black magic, in which the power of the dark world is called to help.

At the same time be extremely careful, because if something goes wrong, it can cause unpredictable consequences and harm not only the victim, but also the performer. Love spell plot is read in the period of the rising moon in a secluded place.

To do this, pour a little salt in a canvas bag.

Love spell: simple rituals

It should be taken in hand and say the following love words:

A bag of conspired salt should be worn the next day after the ritual, in such a way that it touches the body. In the evening, you need to invite your chosen one, whom you bewitch, to visit you for dinner.

His portion of food must be salted with spelled salt.

All the love spells with salt do not differ in complexity, this explains the heightened interest in such rites. But when deciding to conduct a bewitching rite, care should be taken, because there may come a time when you can stop loving a bewitched person.

And in this case, the most unpredictable consequences of the bewitching rite may appear. Irresponsible attitude may turn to the performer of the rite crown of celibacy, exacerbation of chronic diseases, separation from your loved one.

As long as the spell is in effect, the bewitched will strive no matter what the obstacles, he is next to the man who bewitches him. Over time, its energy field from the increased load from the alien impact will be depleted and a variety of diseases can also develop, primarily related to the psyche.

It is noteworthy that the strong people often become alcoholics and drug addicts after the love spell.

Favorable outcome is possible only if the love spell will be the impetus for the development of harmonious relations, that is, only when people really fit together. In this case, the natural energy field is not depleted under external coercion.

Therefore, even if you remove the spell, love feelings between people persist.

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