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Love spell — signs and consequences for the victim and the customer

The main signs of a love spell and its possible consequences

One of the most sought-after magical effects is a love spell. Signs and its consequences in connection with great popularity of ceremonies interest many.

This is understandable, because knowing the symptoms, the negative impact can be easily determined. And being aware of all the consequences of the negativity sent, you can promptly refuse the decision and do no harm to yourself or another person.

Love spell - signs and consequences for the victim and the customer

In the modern world, a love spell is a very popular magical effect on both men and women.

Love spell can be induced in two ways:

  • With the help of a verbal spell acting at a distance under the influence of a strong energy message;
  • With the help of an object that is preliminarily spoken by magic words and subsequently tossed to the victim.

In addition, love spells of white or black magic can be used. And there are such rites for a person in different ways.

White love spells are aimed at awakening the sympathy of a person and cannot become an eternal peg on the energy level. That is, if it is impossible to build a harmonious relationship, then the partners may part after some time without any serious consequences.

White love spells initially awaken the victim’s desire to stay close to the person who conducted the ceremony, in order to get to know him closer. In this case, love feelings do not immediately awaken in the soul, and with a successful love spell, this happens, most often in a natural way.

Black rites enslave the will of the victim and are very dangerous. They are able to turn a loved one into a zombie.

And it is in this case that the signs of stigma are obvious, and the consequences are very serious.

Love spell - signs and consequences for the victim and the customer

Very often, you can confuse with a household betrayal or a common family disorder love spell. But the signs and consequences of it with a careful look are significantly different, therefore, a close person should be suspected of something wrong.

The main sign of a love spell is a change in a person’s mental state, which is hard to miss.

Features of behavior are expressed in the following:

  • The constant desire is near the one who has bewitched;
  • The complete lack of sexual attraction to the former partner;
  • Lack of desire to live, constant apathy;
  • The emergence of craving for alcohol, as a temporary way to solve problems.

In addition, the victim may exhibit the following signs of pranking effects:

  • Frequent changes of mood, from tears to unbridled joy for minor reasons.
  • Chronic fatigue that does not go away even after proper rest.
  • Loss of ability to adequately assess what is happening in the outside world.
  • Separation from loved ones and isolation in oneself.

For people who are under the influence of bewitching, the consequences are often associated with the occurrence of problems at work, as they become diffuse, inattentive and lose their ability to focus on solving specific problems. Many bewitched people just lose interest in the work.

The victim of a love spell, on the background of constant and very strong craving for a partner, becomes very jealous. A person in this state is unpredictable and capable of rash acts.

In the soul of a bewitched person, a painful struggle takes place on the verge of hatred and love for a partner.

Love spell - signs and consequences for the victim and the customer

Over time, the victim of a love spell, especially after a black love spell, may experience changes in physical well-being. At the same time, all existing chronic diseases are exacerbated.

This, as a rule, indicates that a person subconsciously resists an alien influence.

A person under the influence of a love spell feels always tired, against the background of this often develops depression, which leads to unwillingness to live.

Changes in the state of health of the victim after the cemetery love spell are especially pronounced. Over time, a person is rapidly losing weight, and it is not possible to diagnose any disease using traditional medicine methods.

The consequences of the making of the bewitching rite may be significant for the performer. And this must be taken into account when deciding on the magical effect on another person, even if he is very pleased.

Often, the performer, after the full realization that there is a person next to him not at will, comes a nervous breakdown, which is expressed:

  • In the development of alcoholism;
  • In severe mental disorders;
  • In addiction to gambling.

In addition, you should be aware that the perpetrator of the rite may immediately after the magical promise, a loss of interest in the victim. In this case, the breakdown may be due to remorse.

Thus, it should be understood that the spell should be used only when absolutely necessary, when other ways of attracting a person to him have been exhausted. And the most important thing to remember is that in no case can one separate two loving people with the help of bewitching magic.

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