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Love spell — setting or stimulating a relationship

Tea is an amazing natural drink. It is proved that it enhances mental activity and has a beneficial effect on the human body as a whole.

But besides this, the magical properties of tea have been noted for a long time. It was often used in bewitching rites. Many rituals and omens came to our time.

For example, if a girl accidentally doused herself with tea, then this will soon be married.

Love spell - setting or stimulating a relationship

Love spells there are a large number. Some of them involve the ingestion of tea brewing, others — already finished drink.

But all of them are united by the fact that you need to treat your loved one with cooked tea. And, as you know, love spells on drinking is very effective and should be used carefully.

Love spells with the use of tea can be used not only to establish relationships with the person you like, but also to stimulate the relationships that have arisen naturally. You can also use this type of rituals to strengthen the love of a husband.

This ritual is suitable for bewitching a loved one in a situation where you have the opportunity to communicate with him closely, but at the same time he is not in a hurry to show love feelings to you.

For the ritual, you must purchase a pack of loose black tea. It should be all poured into a metal plate. There also need to add some dry petals of tea rose or jasmine.

They need to be pre-bought on the market. If you can not do this, you can replace them with chamomile flowers, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

You need to use about a tablespoon of flowers.

The mixture must be mixed and in the process of pronouncing the following words:

After mixing the mixture, it should be exposed to the sun for the whole day. At this time, the mixture will be filled with solar energy.

After sunset, you need to bring the tea mixture into the room and mix again, repeating a magical conspiracy. Such actions must be repeated for five days.

After that, on the sixth day, the plotted welding is poured into a storage tank. In the near future, you need to invite your chosen one to tea.

It is important that only the two of you drink tea.

After you have a relationship with your loved one, you should periodically arrange joint tea drinking using the spelled tea. This will constantly feed the relationship with love energy.

Love spell - setting or stimulating a relationship

From ancient times in our time a strong and very dangerous rite has come. After a few weeks after the ceremony, your chosen one will reciprocate. And at first he will just begin to show you signs of attention, aggressively seeking your location.

In this regard, his behavior will look very natural.

It should be remembered that when deciding to conduct such a spell on tea, it is necessary to use this effect only in relation to a free man.

If using this ritual to take a married man out of the family, then the punishment for the love spell will be your firstborn’s serious illness. Consequently, it is possible to conduct this ceremony, if you are not afraid of this fact, and you know serious and reliable ways to protect against recoil.

To conduct the ceremony, you must invite your chosen one to visit the tea party. It is necessary to brew tea in the kitchen and above the cup, which is intended to utter a conspiracy in a whisper.

His words are:

After that, you need to put tea on the table and treat your loved one. It is important that your joint pastime ended with a kiss.

Like other ceremonies, the spell for tea should be carried out on the growing moon. This will contribute to the fact that the feelings of a loved one will increase with the growth of the moon.

It is very important when conducting rituals with tea to understand that they will be effective only with a sincere belief in magic.

Like other rites, love spells should be performed only if you really love a person and are ready to live with him for the rest of his life. For the sake of experiment, magic cannot be used.

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