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Love spell: rituals with different drinks

Any spell on drinking, as, indeed, on food, refers to a strong magical effects. Such rites, affecting the energy of a particular person, give a quick result.

That is why it is necessary to use such love spells very carefully.

Love spell: rituals with different drinks

There are so many different love spells using drinking. Both water and low-alcohol beverages can be used as a spell-like magical attribute.

But in any case, to ensure the effectiveness of the impact, it is important that the conspiratorial drink should be offered to the victim as soon as possible after the ceremony.

A very strong love spell to drink is carried out using wine, which must be prepared independently. It is very important to pick grapes from the vine itself.

In this case, your emotions and feelings will remain on the berries, they will be filled with your energy, which will greatly enhance the magical effect.

Wine should be prepared directly for the bewitching rite. It is a love potion, is prepared in small quantities and it is impossible to offer him to drink to other people except the victim.

The best time to start making a wine potion on the basis of wine is the new moon or the first day of menstruation, regardless of the moon phase. Ingredients potions, in addition to a small amount of self-made wine, can be a variety of bewitching herbs, berries and roots.

Their set can be arbitrary.

A small amount of wine must be poured into an enameled container and put on fire. In it you need to add one of the prepared ingredients, for example, leaves lovage.

As soon as the first steam appears, the container should be quickly closed with a lid and allowed to cool.

Similar actions should be done with other favorite natural ingredients that you have planned to use to make a love potion. After they have cooled down, all components are filtered through a sieve and mixed.

To keep such a love wine should be in a glass vessel made of dark glass.

Before you put the love potion in storage, the vessel must be rotated three times in a clockwise and counterclockwise direction.

Lovely wine should be poured into a glass filled with ordinary wine, which to treat your chosen one. It is important to do this unnoticed.

Love spell: rituals with different drinks

You can talk and any non-alcoholic drink. It is very important to choose the one that will give pleasure to your chosen one.

For example, it can be one of the types of juice or milk drink. It must be remembered that without any negative consequences there can only be pranks in which there is no appeal to otherworldly forces.

So, conspiracy phrases can sound like this:

During the pronunciation of the plot you need to invest your love energy in every word. If you really love a person very much and possess a naturally strong energy by nature, then it is enough to treat your loved one with a conspiratorial drink once.

But at the same time to consolidate the result, it is allowed to start talking drinks for three days in a row.

The best way to charm a loved one is to talk water. It can be further used for the preparation of any drink or food.

Magic words need to be pronounced over a glass of water in complete solitude.

The plot sounds like this:

It is necessary to pronounce the plot only once, but at the same time in each word you need to invest the maximum of your love energy. It is important to use the conspired water as intended, as quickly as possible.

In addition, it should be remembered that love plots for drinking are effective only in the case of a sincere belief in the power of magic.

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