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Love Spell — Raising Funds

A serious problem of lack of money, at least once in life, confronts anyone. Therefore, attracting wealth through magic into your life is everyone’s dream.

And most importantly — it can really be done by performing special rituals.

A love spell for wealth, as a rule, is an uncomplicated rite of its own execution, but it is very important to believe that with the help of magic, financial problems can be solved.

Love Spell - Raising Funds

Rites to attract wealth to their own lives, there are so many. But it is very important to choose the right ritual for your particular occasion. It is necessary to make a love spell for wealth only when you know what to spend the funds attracted through magic.

The rite will be meaningless if you go to attract money to accumulate.

It is imperative that before conducting any magical effect on attracting wealth, you need to purchase a new wallet and choose it in accordance with certain rules.

The optimal color for a wallet is red or golden, but it is allowed to purchase an accessory for storing money in bright colors. It is believed that dark color repels money.

There must be several compartments in the wallet. In this case, be sure to keep a small thing separately from paper notes.

It should be remembered that money loves order, so bills of different denominations should be kept about different branches.

The purse is better to buy during the full moon. This time will ensure that the wallet will always be filled with money.

This rite is quite complex in its execution and involves the use of a large number of attributes.

For the ritual will need:

  • Crystal Vase;
  • Greenish paper;
  • A flap of bright fabric with a pattern;
  • Canvas fabric;
  • Church candles;
  • Seven germinated wheat grains.

For the ceremony you need to retire in a separate room and light candles. For some time you need to sit in silence and present the right amount of money you want to receive with the help of magic. You also need to clearly present the goal, where you plan to spend the funds received.

It is important, before the ceremony, about your dreams of receiving big money, not to tell anyone, even to the closest people.

After you become fully aware of why you need money, you need to take a sheet of colored paper of a greenish hue and describe your relationship with loved ones and relatives. You also need to describe your own well-being. After that, it is necessary to spread out a cloth flap on a small table and set a crystal vase in the center.

In it you need to pour the seeds of sprouted wheat and mix thoroughly.

Love Spell - Raising Funds

After that, you need to cover the vase with your palms, without touching it, and go around the table three times. Then the wheat should be taken out, some put in the wallet, and the rest should be wrapped in canvas and attached to it a sheet of paper on which the entries were made.

Such a bundle must be hidden in the right corner of the room, but so that no one ever finds it.

The rite is very effective and its results will manifest themselves within a month. If this did not happen, then, consequently, something in the ritual went wrong.

But, nevertheless, it is not recommended to repeat it, you need to look for other ways to attract wealth.

Many magical rites use the power of the moon. Love spells on wealth can be held in the new moon, the full moon and the period of the rising moon.

But the most powerful time is considered the full moon.

Under the moonlight, you can start talking on your wallet on Wednesday and this will help ensure that money will not be transferred to it. To do this, choose a time when the moon will shine in its growing phase of the moon.

It is necessary to keep the wallet under the moonlight and say the following words:

On the full moon on one of the even days, it is necessary to conduct a ceremony next to the aspen. At the roots of this tree should bury the coin of any value.

Then utter these words:

It is very important that there are no witnesses to such a ritual, that is, it should be carried out in a deserted place. After the rite is not desirable to talk to anyone.

And coming home, you need to quickly go to bed.

Any lunar rite to attract wealth is very effective. The main thing, performing the impact set realistic goals.

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