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Love spell — one hair is enough

No other element of the human body is used in magical rites as often as hair. Even a cropped hair keeps a close relationship with its owner and contains all the information about it.

The guardians of sacred knowledge knew this from ancient times. Nowadays, this is confirmed by genetic studies.

Scientists need only one intact hair to learn a lot about a person who lived thousands of years ago.

Love spell - one hair is enough

Therefore, the magic of using human hair is extremely strong. A love spell on hair, spent independently at home, can firmly tie a loved one to you and give you a chance for family happiness.

But it is important to follow the rules of the ritual, because, like any strong tool, a love spell on the hair, if used improperly, can harm him and you.

In order to accomplish a love spell on your own hair, it is necessary, first of all, to get the hair of a loved one. The safest way is to inspect his outer clothing, because the owner’s hair often remains on her. You can also ask him for a comb, and see if there are any hairs left on it, or, on the contrary, invite him to use your comb.

In all these cases, you need to check whether the hairs actually acquired belong to your beloved. You can try to quietly cut off a strand from him during sleep, or you can directly ask him by wrapping it in a joke.

Both of these methods are good because there is a chance to get a whole strand, however, it is likely that you will not succeed, but also cause your beloved suspicion of insidious designs and he will take protective measures against your love spell.

If you have already got a strand, or at least a hair of a loved one, you can make a love spell on your hair by yourself in the old proven way. To do this, light a candle at midnight and pick up his hair and his own strand of the same length.

Bind them together, saying:

Burn twisted hairs in a candle flame. At the same time, imagine as brightly as possible the pictures of intimacy with your beloved, his caress and your future happiness together.

When you burn hair during the rite, there is tremendous energy, which you will thus give the desired direction to.

Also, a simple ritual with a candle can attract the attention of a man you like with whom you barely know.

As the magic attributes will need to use:

  • Three hairs chosen;
  • Three own hairs;
  • Church candle.

The enchantment on hair is carried out at night in a separate room. It is necessary to light a candle and tie all the hair together in a bundle.

Then the hair should be set on fire from the flame of a candle and say the following words:

While pronouncing the magic words, it is necessary to visualize the image of the chosen one and represent the joint future happy life with him.

Love spell - one hair is enough

A strong love spell on the hair is recommended in case you need to revive the relationship. After all, as you know, over time, with a long life together, the feelings of the partners dulled.

Freshly cut hair should be used for this ritual. But if your elect is near you, it is easy to do.

At dawn, before the first rays of the sun, it is necessary to go outside and bury the previously prepared hairs under a young tree.

In this case, you need to pronounce the following words:

After the hair is buried, you should go home and do not talk to anyone for three hours. This love spell begins to act almost immediately after the performance of the ceremony.

A rather strong love spell is one’s own hair, which is spoken by magic words and thrown into the clothes of a loved one.

The plot in this case sounds like this:

It should be remembered that ceremonies that use fresh hair are more effective. In addition, ceremonies are desirable to hold in the period of the new moon, if the rules of the rituals do not specify another time.

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