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Love spell on the waning moon on a man’s love — read by yourself

How to read a love spell on a decreasing moon for man’s love

The moon plays a huge role in love magic. All love and turning rituals are performed taking into account the phases of the night star.

Love spell on the waning moon on a man's love - read by yourself

Traditionally, love spells are held for a growing month, so this period is favorable for a magical effect aimed at creation, birth, and stay. Rites during this period help to form a new feeling.

There are love spells that are made for the full moon. Full moon increases the power of the ritual.

A separate group are the love spells for the waning moon.

The specifics of the ritual

The energy of the waning moon is designed for destruction. The love spell, carried out at this time, has its own specific features.

Its aim is not so much to attract the bewitched, to receive his attention and reciprocal feelings, but to form a persistent aversion and hostility towards other women (or men), rivals (or rivals).

Most often, such methods are used to take the husband out of the family, or to discourage a man from a rival. The purpose of this ritual is initially negative, such love spells are considered black.

And any dark love spell is fraught with the manifestation of negative consequences.

Possible consequences

The consequences of a love spell are similar to those of any black method. It can roll back in the form of the following “side effects”:

  • a change in a person’s character;
  • health problems, even serious fatal diseases;
  • psychological problems, up to the development of a stable depressive state;
  • sleep problems (insomnia and nightmares);
  • mental problems, even madness;
  • strong energy depletion;
  • addiction to addictions (alcoholism, drug addiction).

Love spell on the waning moon on a man's love - read by yourself

The consequences listed above are common to all blacks. The spell on the decreasing moon, taken separately, can turn into the following manifestations:

  • from the side of the bewitched — aversion to the performer of the rite;
  • black stripe in the life of the artist love spell (a sharp deterioration in cases);
  • problems with reproductive organs.

Despite the greater likelihood of negative consequences, such rituals are characterized by high efficiency.

Ways of love spells to the decreasing moon

Using photography: the first way

To perform this rite prepare photograph of a man, whom you want to bewitch, 3 red church candles and needle. The ritual is done at midnight. Procedure:

  1. Put the candles on the windowsill and light them. Stand at the window so that you can see the moon.
  2. In the hands, take a photo of the chosen one. Look in turn at the photo and the decreasing moon, read the text: “As he loves the moon night and does not begin without it, so would you, the servant of God (the name of the chosen one), only me (my name), loved your moon, only with me, did not go to anyone else.”Words speak 3 times.
  3. After reading the conspiracy of the candle extinguish, melted with wax from the candles stick around the image of the chosen one in the photo.
  4. After completing, draw a lock with a needle on a wax cast and say: “I lock the lock, take the key for myself. Amen».
  5. Hide the photo in a safe place, protected from prying eyes and hands. Keep it until the wedding with the chosen one.

This rite will begin its action immediately after the new moon.

Using photos: the second way

Prepare for the rite 2 photos — yours and your chosen one, one church candle (preferably red) and a pen (felt-tip pen, pencil). The ritual is performed all alone and in silence at midnight.

Love spell on the waning moon on a man's love - read by yourself

  1. Light a candle. In front of you, put a picture of your chosen one. 3 times read the plot: “Like a clear month, the red sun loves, so (the name of the chosen one) will love me, only with me will be”.
  2. Turn the photo over with a flip side, write on it 3 of the most intimate desires associated with the bewitched person.
  3. Molten wax from the candle drip on the back side of the photo, then glue it with your photo.
  4. Hide the glued photos in a secluded and safe place so that no one else can find them, see them.

White rite

This love spell is not tied to a specific lunar phase, so it can be performed for a decreasing month. Its advantage is that it belongs to the arsenal of white magic, and therefore is relatively safe, but no less effective.

Prepare for his work photo of the chosen one, wash yourself in the bath or take a bath (shower). After water procedures, say a photograph of the bewitched reading the following words:

“With pure thoughts and bright thoughts, kind words, clean hands, loving eyes, I ask you, Angel Gopolea, you know everything, you see everything. What is in my beloved soul, look, look into his clear eyes, read his thoughts.

Holoja, help me, how do you help everyone in love. Let me love me, be alarmed for me, be jealous, let me, love, let me alone and wishes me alone.

Gopoloia, help me, for one you know how hard it is for me without him. ”

This method has almost instant result.

See also an interesting video about the rituals on the waning moon:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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