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Love spell on the thing you love — the rules of conduct and description of rituals

Love spell on the thing loved — one of the most powerful love magic rituals. After all, the things that a person constantly keeps with himself, and which he regularly uses, acquire a very strong and stable relationship with their owner. Imposing a spell on one of these things, you can penetrate into the soul of the owner and awaken in him those feelings that you dream about.

Absolutely any thing can be used for a love spell — a pen, a lighter, a handkerchief, a notebook and so on, if only he would use this item quite often.

Love spell on the thing you love - the rules of conduct and description of rituals

In order to make a love spell on a thing you love, you need for some time to seize this thing. Which way this thing will be in your hands is completely irrelevant. It depends on your imagination and determination.

You can, under some pretext, ask for this thing “until tomorrow,” you can ask for it “for a minute” and keep it for yourself in the hope that the person doesn’t remember, in the end, you can just pull the necessary thing and then throw it back . The most effective are love spells, when the ceremonies are used garments.

Of course, this method is feasible only if you are in a close relationship with your beloved, but suddenly felt that his feelings for you cool down.

It should be remembered that it is imperative to perform rites during the time specified in the rules for their conduct. At different times of the day, different effects can have different effects on the bewitched person. Some rituals should be performed in the morning hour, others in the evening, and sometimes it is also necessary to read the plot in the middle of the day.

For most philanthropic rites with a thing, the optimum time is midnight.

It is also very important to spend a love spell with a thing in complete solitude. It is important to take care that you are alone in the house.

To create more favorable conditions, it is necessary to conduct the ritual in a darkened room. Curtains need to be drawn, and a light background to create with the help of lighted candles.

If it is not possible to take possession of a loved one’s thing for a long time, then you can use the so-called hiking variant of the love spell. For this you need to take the chosen thing in your hands anytime, anywhere.

Then bring it to your lips and whisper these words with a feeling:

After that, you need to blow on the thing and imagine how, along with the breath, it absorbs all your love, which it will later transfer to your chosen one. Unfortunately, this version of the love spell is only suitable for those who by nature have a strong energy and can fulfill the directed energy message without prior preparation.

In addition to the things you love to enhance the bewitching effect, you can use a photograph of the chosen one. It is important that the picture is fresh, that is, taken no earlier than six months before the ceremony.

The ritual is held in the evening. In a separate room you need to light two candles. And put next to them two photos, his and beloved.

The personal thing chosen, which managed to seize you need to take in hand.

After saying these magic words:

Spell a love spell on the thing you love, put the photos one on another, and between them — the plotted thing. Then blow out the candles and go to bed.

At the same time, try to maintain your confidence in your future happiness together.

Love spell on the thing you love - the rules of conduct and description of rituals

This very potent rite should be performed at bedtime. It is very important not to talk with anyone at his conclusion, and not be distracted by any thoughts, but constantly think about your beloved and present his image. For the ritual will require three church candles.

They are set on the table in the form of a triangle, and between them is placed a small bowl with holy water. Do not use plain water.

In the bowl with water, you need to drop the thing chosen and say the following words:

With the help of this ceremony, you can not only bewitch the person you like, but also return the deceased loved one and restore the relationship. This ritual is so strong that it allows you to even remove the effect of another love spell.

Love spells with a thing are powerful ways of influencing, however, it should be remembered that when working with a thing it is necessary to use only white magic. This will eliminate the negative consequences and guarantee security at the energy level not only of the object being bewitched, but also of the person who conducts the ceremony.

It should be remembered that to get rid of loneliness will help not only the bewitching rituals that need to be carried out with great caution. You can follow certain rules in everyday life that will change the energy around you.

For example, it is very important in the situation in the apartment, especially in the bedroom, to provide for the use of paired objects. It is also important to give preference to interior items that carry the male sense.

For example, you can decorate the walls of photos of famous artists. And the main thing is to believe that your beloved person will soon appear in your life and fill it with bright colors.

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