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Love spell on the thing of a loved one — read by yourself

How to read a love spell on a thing you love

Clothing is something without which human existence cannot be imagined. Clothing is in direct contact with the body of its owner, so it absorbs its energy well, leaving its energy mark on itself.

Love spell on the thing of a loved one - read by yourself

It is for this reason that the things that a person wears often act as props for various magical love spells for things and clothes of a loved one. Through things to a person, both positive and negative programs can be transmitted — due to close contact with the body, the magical effect quickly gives the desired result.

Features of the rite

This love ceremony is considered one of the simplest and allows in a short time to cause sympathy in the person of interest and get his attention. Most often, the spell on clothing is used in an already established couple, when relationships undergo a difficult period (treason, cooling of feelings, quarrels and conflicts, lack of attention, the appearance of a rival (rival), etc.)

Love spell on the thing you love does not require special skills, and is considered one of the safest. As a rule, it is done deep at night (more often at midnight).

But this is by no means a sign of belonging to the ritual of black magic — such a condition is necessary so that the bewitched person could not provide energy resistance to the magic effect.

At night, a person sleeps, he is relaxed and powerless before the action of the rite. And he also at this time takes off his clothes, so the main prop of the ritual is the easiest way to get it at that moment.

A love ritual for a thing is characterized by a rather mild impact on an object and is more like an energy binding than a love spell in the full sense of the word.

It is advisable to do a magical rite during the growing month, so that its action grows in a positive direction. Special requirements are also imposed on clothing itself:

  • it must correspond to the current season;
  • it is advisable for the rite to choose a thing that the bewitched loves and puts on with pleasure;
  • the thing before the ritual cannot be washed, as washing will wash away the owner’s energy trace, and the ritual will not work. It is impossible to erase even after the ceremony has been performed — it is necessary that the bewitched must put on this clothing. It is best if this happens on the same day that the ritual was performed;
  • if there is no opportunity to get the thing of the person you want to bewitch, buy the thing that he will love and will actively wear, make a love spell for a new thing and present to your chosen one.

It should be remembered that such methods are characterized by short-term effect. With the first wash, the plot will lose its power.

And one more important condition: in bewitching your chosen one with the help of his thing, you must be firmly sure that you do not stop loving him and want to spend the rest of your life with him. Otherwise, the ritual can sadly affect both of you.

Three ways to bewitch

To sew to his beloved

Love spell on the thing of a loved one - read by yourself

Prepare thing to be love spell, — owned by the elect or intended as a gift. Also prepare sewing supplies (needle, thread, buttons, etc.).

The meaning of the love spell is that on the selected object you will need to make several stitches. It doesn’t matter how it will be achieved: by stitching or sewing buttons, embroidering, etc. But this must be done in such a way that the fruits of your actions do not catch the eye — as if it was.

In a pinch, you can simply sew a few stitches with a needle and thread to match the clothes, in some inconspicuous place.

Until the ritual of 15 minutes, sit with your eyes closed, relax, drop all extraneous thoughts and concentrate on the desired goal. Take clothes and start needlework, wield a needle and thread. In the process of all the work, speak the plot:

“I sew and sew, my beloved (name of the chosen one), I attach to myself. Like thread by needle, so my dear is mine. I will open my dear heart, I will put it there: my beloved eyes, my unforgettable beauty, strong love for me and longing for me inescapable.

In the heart of a sweet with a needle-key I will lock them forever. Strong-strong my stitch, heart (name of the chosen one) to the castle. «

Calculate the length of the thread so that after your needlework there is a segment that is enough to tie around your wrist or ankle, to do something like a bracelet. Wear a thread on yourself for at least 3 days. If he does not last less than 3 days (breaks), this is a signal that the love spell failed.

Bracelet after use, burn, and give the plotted thing or give to the chosen one.

For a gift

Love spell on the thing of a loved one - read by yourself

Love spell is read on the clothes that will be presented to the chosen one. In this case, you must have a firm belief that the new thing will be worn by your loved one, and not by someone else, otherwise serious difficulties may arise. Plot text:

“The sun will soak the shirt, my dear puts it on, absorbs my love. He loves me alone, he desires me alone, and he will only be with me. ”

Clothing speaks at night, in the morning (before dinner) of the same day presented to the bewitched.

To return the husband to the family

A ritual for those wives whose husband found a mistress on the side and intends to leave the family, but has not yet taken the clothes. The spouse must speak one of his things, which her pious will certainly take with them.

You also need to know the name of the opponent. You need to start talking at night. Text:

“Return for the clothes, turn around yourself and to me, you (name of spouse), come back. Sgin, (name of mistress) -love, sgin, you won’t get it.


Another way with a personal thing, see the video:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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