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Love spell on the rose: the magic of passion and love

Rose at all times was considered a symbol of love and passion. That is why a beautiful flower has often been used as an attribute in various magical rites, rituals, and even when defaulting.

But more often, such rituals are intended to carry out the spells.

Love spell on the rose: the magic of passion and love

The spell on the rose is considered very effective, but it is important to follow all the recommendations of a particular ceremony. But it should be remembered that such rituals are very reliable help with unrequited love.

The most famous ritual is known as the Rose of Love. The ceremony is held on any day during the growing moon.

Use for a magical action you need a fresh red rose, plucked just before the rite at sunset. If you asked to rip the rose of your chosen one, whom you plan to bewitch, do not tell him for what purposes the flower will be used.

Moreover, if he plucked a flower not neatly and punctured a finger with a spike to the blood, then it is better to postpone the rite and hold it no earlier than in a month.

Additionally, for the ceremony you need to prepare three red wax candles. The ritual begins in the evening before bedtime.

For this you need to put a torn rose in a vase near your own bed. Around it should be set candles in the shape of a triangle around a vase with a flower, but they do not need to light.

You need to sleep with thoughts of a loved one. And it will be very good if this night your chosen one dreams to you.

At dawn, and always before sunrise, the rose should be turned in a bud in the direction of the East. This is necessary for the flower to meet the first rays of the sun.

After the first rays of the sun appear, the rose must be moved to a previously prepared pot filled with sand. Then one of the candles should be hidden in a secluded place, and two should be placed on the sides of the rose and lit.

After that, these magic words are pronounced:

After that, you need to sit in silence until the candles burn out. A potted rose should stand near your bed for three days and three nights. After this time, you need to collect faded petals, candle ends and a third, previously hidden, kiss, a candle in a cloth bag or a paper bag.

After that, all the attributes should be taken out on the street and buried under a tree.

After that, to complete the ceremony you need to call or send a message to your loved one whom you have bewitched to yourself.

There is a very strong love spell using two roses: red and white. This love spell acts mutually for two partners.

The effect will be more effective when using roses, but it is allowed to replace them with other flowers on a high stem.

Buy for the ritual of red and white roses. Imagine that a white flower will symbolize you, and a red one of your lover.

Having retired in a separate room, gently twist the stems of flowers among themselves, without breaking them.

In the process of this need to talk such a conspiracy:

After that, you need to tie up the twisted stems of roses at the bottom and top of the prepared red wool thread. Then in this form of roses should be put in a crystal vase filled with water.

They must stay in it for three days. Every time your eyes fall on the flowers, you need to repeat the plot over and over again.

At the end of time, you should dry the roses in a bound form and hide them so that they never and never found them.

This magical rite strengthens existing feelings and retains the love between partners for many years. And dried flowers will serve as a talisman of love as long as they are kept in a secluded place.

Love spell on the rose: the magic of passion and love

Very often, in addition to roses, other attributes are used in magical bewitching rites. So, a very strong love effect is a ritual with a silver ring and roses.

For the ceremony should buy a new ring and pick two fresh roses. It does not matter if they are long or short stems, but they need to be of different colors, but belong to the same species.

Having retired in a separate room, take in hand, plucked roses, and name them: your own and your loved one.

After that, you need to insert roses into the ring and say the following spell conspiracy:

Put the rose symbolizing the love spell in the bedroom. The place should be chosen in such a way that the look as often as possible meets a beautiful flower.

And the second conspiracy rose, you need to give the object a love spell. It is clear that for this you need to find a pretext, which means that it is necessary to choose the right time for the ceremony.

This rite is suitable for both men and women. The difference is that if a woman bewitches a man, then she should wear the conspiratorial ring herself.

In such a situation, it will be like a magnet to attract the love of the chosen one. And if the love spell is performed by a man, then he should give the ring with the rose to his beloved, which will look quite natural.

The ring, which the girl usually puts on her finger right away, will charge her with love energy and push her towards you.

Any love spell on a rose should be performed only when you are fully confident in your own feelings. It is important to remember that it is impossible to experiment with feelings, it can cause negative effects that are very dangerous for human health in general.

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