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Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

How to read a love spell on a guy at a distance at home? To bewitch a person, it is not necessary to be with him.

For privorotov at a distance using a photograph or a personal thing of the object of passion. Everything that happens with a photo or thing has an impact on their owner.

Consider a few rites with photographs.

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

Love spell with the icon of the Iberian Mother of God

White magic is considered safe because it does not harm a person. Impact falls softly, unnoticed by the bewitched.

The effect of the rites of white magic is not very long, so it is necessary to carry out a fake — update the ritual after some time.

For the ceremony you will need the icon of the Iberian Mother of God, a picture of a guy and the following items:

  • red and white candle;
  • two large church candles;
  • new padlock;
  • rose and lavender essential oil;
  • patchouli scent.

After midnight, on a growing moon, cover the table with a clean cloth, place church candles on either side. Rub the white candle with lavender essential oil and the red candle with rose oil.

Put candles in candlesticks: red on your right, white on your left.

Put an icon on the table in front of you, and a photo of a guy on it. Place a lock on top of the photo (with the handle open). Burn incense — you can aroma with a smell of patchouli, you can aroma lamp with essential oil of patchouli.

Light a red and white candle, read the plot 33 times. In order not to count the number of times, use beads with 33 beads or shift 33 matches.

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

After that, close the lock with the key. Remove the key and drip wax into the hole with a red candle. Put everything on the table and let the candles burn out.

Go to bed. Hide the key at home, and take the lock to the church in the morning and quietly hang it on the gate.

Stick the candle stubs under the fruit tree, for example, under an apple tree or a cherry.

Love spell with the icon of Peter and Fevronia

This ceremony will help connect the fate of two people for a long marriage. If you had an intimate relationship, but the guy is not going to marry, you can resort to the help of saints.

Only in your heart should be a sincere love for the bewitched person.

For the ceremony prepare:

  • the icon of Peter and Fevronia;
  • pink wax candles — 3 pieces;
  • orange essential oil;
  • church incense with a pink scent;
  • joint picture with a guy;
  • cut fabric pink.

Spell guy spend on Friday at dawn, the moon is growing. On the eve do the cleaning in the room where you will conduct the ceremony, in the evening, take a bath.

In the morning, with the first rays of the sun, cover the table with a white tablecloth, place candles in church candlesticks around the photo — two on each side, one on top.

For candles, set the icon of the saints, light the candles from one match. Burn incense (you can heat a spoon over a candle and put a few grains of incense into it) and lead it over a photograph and candles in a clockwise direction. At this time, read the spell of the guy:

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

After that, read the prayer to St. Peter and Fevronia:

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

If the candles do not burn out, leave them burn out. After the candle, photographs and the remains of incense, wrap in a pink cloth and hide securely.

If there is no pink fabric, you can use white cotton or calico. This amulet will keep your love.

Do not forget to constantly pray in front of the icon of Peter and Fevronia, and your relationship will always be harmonious and protected.

Easter love spell on the guy

This ceremony is done once a year — at Easter. And it also lasts exactly one year — then you need to update.

You need to talk 7 krashenok and carry to the cemetery. The plot is read on each testicle separately:

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

Testicles should be put on any 7 graves, one for each. Do not forget that for magical rites in the cemetery you cannot enter the central gate — enter through the side gates.

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

Love spell «God’s house, God’s threshold»

This white love spell is done in the church, but not during the service. Arriving at the church gate, give alms to the poor, worship and cross at the entrance. Bring something edible to the memorial table, leave money in the donation box.

Buy the largest candle and place it in front of the icon of the Mother of God. Read the plot from memory from 3 to 12 times, but the number must be a multiple of three.

After each «Amen» you need to be baptized.

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

After reading the conspiracy need to silently go home. It is not necessary to give alms, you cannot talk to anyone right up to the very threshold of the house.

On this day, limit all contacts to a minimum, it is better to hold it in silence.

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

Love the guy for a gift

This ceremony is done on any gift that can be given for a holiday or birthday to a guy. In the morning on a growing moon, pour 3/4 into a faceted glass or crystal glass of water and place it on the kitchen window sill, covered with a white saucer.

While the water is worth it, buy a present for a sweetheart (it can be noticed in advance).

Pay for the gift with a paper bill, so that they give you the change in trifles. From the change you need to take one small coin, and just leave the rest.

Think of anything, but you must quickly move away from the cash register without surrender. Return home with a gift. Place a church candle on a saucer and whisper three times:

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

Light a candle and let it burn out completely. Then in a glass of water, throw a coin with the change and say:

Love spell on the love of a guy in the distance

Wash your face with this water and then sprinkle the gift. Limit communication to a minimum on this day, close the room and sit.

Wrap a gift in a beautiful package and present to a young man whose love you seek.

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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