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Love spell on the grave — the strongest graveyard ritual

A graveyard spell at the grave is one of the strongest

All cemetery love spells belong to the rituals of black magic, so you need to use them with great care. But, despite the fact that professional magicians warn about their danger and serious consequences, they are very much in demand in the modern world.

This is because with their help you can connect people for a lifetime.

There are a huge number of varieties of cemetery rites, but the most powerful is the love spell at the grave.

Love spell on the grave - the strongest graveyard ritual

Any love spell at the grave is very dangerous. This is not just a rite, but a set of rules that must be strictly followed.

It is very important, when conducting a spell at the grave, to show respect for the souls of the departed, otherwise they can take revenge, and this will cause unpredictable consequences not only for the victim, but also for the performer.

The day before the ceremony, you should visit the cemetery and pick up the grave at which the ceremony will be held. In the chosen grave there must rest a person whose name coincides with the name of the person being bewitched.

Near the grave of the deceased one should stand for a short time in silence, after which, leave the cemetery without looking back.

The spell on the grave is held the next day at night, preferably at midnight. At the cemetery you need to bring a fresh photo of your beloved and bury him in the grave on the previously selected burial.

After that, you need to say the following words:

After the last words, you need to leave a previously prepared something on the grave and quickly leave the cemetery, without looking back and looking at other graves. On the way home you can not talk to anyone, otherwise the spell will lose its power.

At home, wash your hands and immediately go to bed.

You can’t tell anyone about the ceremony and, moreover, don’t even remember about it. You should also not watch the bewitched person, if possible you should let out your loved one for a few days from sight.

As soon as the photograph, sprinkled with the burial ground, begins to rot, the elect will be next to you and most likely will remain forever in your life.

Love spell on the grave - the strongest graveyard ritual

There is a very effective bewitching rite on an unmarked grave. To do this, choose an old abandoned grave with a crooked wooden cross.

The ritual is performed after sunset in the period of the growing moon.

For the rite you need to prepare:

  • Red wax candle;
  • Photo favorite;
  • Red thread.

First, you should install and light a red candle at the feet of the deceased, that is, directly next to the cross.

After that, you need to stand at the head of the deceased and say these words nine times:

After pronouncing the words, you need to take a photo and attach it with the face to the cross of the cross, and then tie it with red threads crosswise.

In the process of tying, read the following plot:

After that, you need to tie a thread on three knots, pick up a candle and put melted wax on the tied knots with the words:

Then you need to slap a palm on the cross three times and say:

After that, you need to leave a good something at the grave and quickly go home. This conspiracy begins to act almost immediately.

But be careful, any mistake or unwanted interference can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Despite the fact that the love spell on the grave belongs to black magic, it will not have negative consequences if there are sincere feelings between the pair created with the help of magic. It should be remembered that one should never break loving hearts with a love spell on a grave.

It threatens the performer of the rite with big problems, and very often the next generations have to pay for their deeds.

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