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Love spell on the decreasing moon — how to make it?

Traditionally it is believed that the best time for love spells is the period of the rising moon or the full moon. But, nevertheless, many are interested in whether it is possible to make a spell on a decreasing moon?

Of course you can. Very popular love spells in this period aimed at discouraging a man from another woman or taking him away from his family.

When asking whether it is possible to make a spell on a decreasing moon, it should be understood that the effect of the rites during this period is associated with the extinction of feelings. And this means that by attracting self-love with such rituals, you destroy the lives of other people. In this regard, often such magical rites threaten serious negative consequences.

The use of such rituals can be justified only if people have long lived together out of habit and none of the partners lack the strength to make a decision about separation.

Love spell on the decreasing moon - how to make it?

One of the strongest rites in the period of the waning moon is ritual with the use of photography. An important condition for the success of the ritual — complete loneliness in an apartment or house during its implementation. It is important to turn off all communication tools so that no other sound can interfere with the ceremony.

At midnight on one of the nights of the waning moon, church candles in any quantity should be lit in the room.

After that, holding with both hands a photograph of the chosen one, focusing on his face, utter the following words:

In this case, you need to read the spell for the decreasing moon as many times as you turned full years. After that, on the back of the picture you should write your wishes regarding the chosen one. At this ceremony is considered complete, and the photo must be hidden so that no one ever found it.

It is impossible to throw a picture used in the rite, it is also forbidden to tell anyone about the ritual.

As a rule, all cemetery love spells are held in the period of the waning moon. Read the spell on the waning moon in the cemetery on their own should be very careful. It is important to remember that in this case it is strictly necessary to observe all the rules of the ceremony.

Any inaccuracies during the ritual can lead to unpredictable negative consequences. All actions must be carried out in full concentration on the goal spell.

In the period of the waning moon, you need to go to the cemetery at night and find there a fresh grave in which the chosen namesake is buried. On this night, all you need to do is just stand next to the grave.

You should leave very quickly and without looking around. After visiting the cemetery, come home, do not forget to wash your hands. The next night you need to go to the cemetery again.

You need to go to the selected grave and bury her photo of her beloved.

After this you need to read the following plot:

Love spell on the decreasing moon - how to make it?

After these words, you should leave the cemetery quickly, without looking at other graves. On the way home you can not talk to anyone. At home you need to wash your hands and go to bed immediately.

As soon as the photo buried in the grave begins to rot, the first effects will appear. Remember that in the future to visit the grave, which was held a bewitching rite, it is highly not desirable.

In addition, it is very important to visit the temple every day for a month and to put candles for the deceased deceased, at the last resting place of which the ritual was performed.

It should be remembered that in deciding to conduct a bewitching rite on the waning moon, you must be confident not only in the sincerity of your own feelings towards a person, but also in your own strength. In addition to strong energy, it is important not to have the slightest pity for another woman. You should also be aware that the love spell spent on a decreasing moon is quite complex and the result may absolutely not meet expectations.

For example, instead of craving and sincere love in your beloved one can wake up self-hatred and aggression. In addition, the negative consequences of such prisushki can harm not only the victim, but you.

Most often there are health problems associated with disorders of the nervous system. In this regard, as far as possible, the bewitching rites, which are held on the descending moon, should be avoided.

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