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Love spell on the cards — a powerful ritual of black magic

In the modern world, the love spell on the cards is less popular for other types of love spells. But since it is effective, it is quite reasonable to use it if necessary.

The undoubted advantage of a love rite with cards is that the ritual does not require any additional attributes, such as photos or personal belongings of the beloved person.

The spell on the cards can be conditionally attributed to the rites of black magic. Therefore, its implementation requires a strong energy, while the emotional balance of the performer is very important.

Therefore, if there are doubts about their own capabilities, then the ritual should be abandoned.

Love spell on the cards - a powerful ritual of black magic

Any love spell on playing cards begins with the purchase of a new deck of 36 cards. It should be remembered that the deck should be used only for magical rites.

The ritual is that you should draw two cards out of it, the most appropriate for you and your chosen one.

Recommendations for choosing card prototypes:

  • For a young girl — a lady of diamonds;
  • For an adult girl — the heart of hearts;
  • For the guy — the king of diamonds;
  • For an adult man — the king of hearts;
  • For a wealthy, respectable man — the cross king.
  • Selected cards should be placed on the table, and between them place the ace of hearts.

Further such plot is read:

Conspired maps should be hidden for two days in a secluded place. After the time has elapsed, they can be put back into the deck, and it is allowed to use it again when performing magical rites.

Another spell on playing cards involves the use of candles. This is a very powerful ritual, so you need to take it seriously.

In this ritual it is necessary to use a new deck of 36 cards. The existing used deck cannot be used to organize a magical effect, since it has unpredictable consequences.

In addition to the cards should be prepared:

  • Seven red candles;
  • Ordinary sewing needle;
  • Golden or yellow thread.

For the ceremony you need to retire in a separate room in the evening. Then you should sit at the table and place the candles.

After that, in random order, the cards are laid out on the table, and two cards are placed on top that correspond to you and the bewitched person.

Looking at the lady with the king laid out, the following words are pronounced:

Love spell on the cards - a powerful ritual of black magic

After pronouncing the magic words, set the installed candles. They must be installed in such a way that their flames well illuminate the unfolded cards.

Then you need to take the cards that symbolize you with your beloved and, having folded them with the front sides, begin to sew them with a golden thread.

At the same time pronouncing another plot:

Next, the ends of the thread are fixed with droplets of wax from each candle. It is necessary to drip three drops of wax and say these words seven times:

After that, the two conspired cards are hidden in a hiding place, and the cards used in the ritual and the remains of candles are thrown away in a deserted place. But remember that you can never and not tell anyone about the perfect rites.

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