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Love spell on shoes or footprint of a loved one

In the magical love ceremonies often used personal belongings of the victim. Such attributes greatly enhance the directional love spell.

Very often shoes are used in love spells. As a kind of such influences, sometimes the imprint of the victim’s shoe starts to speak. Any love spell on shoes is simple.

It is universal and suitable for bewitching both men and women.

Love spell on shoes or footprint of a loved one

Love spells are distinguished by certain features. And it is important to take them into account before the rites.

The thing for a love spell can be obtained in different ways, you can:

  • Buy a new pair of shoes and speak it in special words, and then donate to the victim;
  • Imperceptibly to borrow a pair of shoes or shoes, and after spelling them, quietly return to the chosen one or chosen one.

There are rituals in which the rules provide for the ejection of the victim’s shoes, after spelling it with magic words. In such cases, it is necessary to use unnecessary shoes of a person so that her missing is not detected.

You can also talk and own shoes. Such a love act works great in situations where a girl wants to meet her lover.

The optimal time for the ceremony is the period of the growing moon or full moon.

If a loved one does not reciprocate with you, then you can awaken feelings in him by the following ceremony. Such a ritual can also be performed if you feel that your husband has cooled down to you after long years of life.

This love spell on shoes requires the use of a pair of the most beloved shoes of a beloved person. The ritual itself is performed in one of the secluded corners of the room.

It is necessary to tap the shoes on the floor seven times.

Then turn clockwise and say the following words:

After that, you need to knock shoes in each direction of the world, that is, four more times. And then the shoes should be quietly returned to the place.

It is important that a loved one does not notice her disappear.

Love spell on shoes or footprint of a loved one

If you are tired of waiting for a loved one in your life, you can use a love spell on your own shoes. The rite is very simple, but very effective.

Late at night, you need to take a pair of your favorite shoes and put it with your toes on the threshold. After that, you need to step over them back and forth and close the door.

Then you need to take the right shoe and knock them on the threshold by saying these words:

After that, you need to wash the shoes that were used in the ceremony. The threshold after the ritual can not be washed for three days.

After three days, you need to read the following plot on the threshold:

After that, the threshold must be washed. Soon there will be a person in your house with whom you can relate your fate.

Love spells using shoes do not differ durability. They work effectively, as a rule, only during the week.

If during this time the beloved never appeared, then again you can try to hold the ceremony with another pair of shoes.

In addition, if a loved one came after all, it does not mean that he will remain. Therefore, it is necessary at this time to understand how you approach each other.

If you really like a man, but he does not pay attention to you, then you can spend a love spell on the trail.

To do this, the following magic plot is read on any shoe imprint:

It is important to keep the ritual plans using shoes in secret. If someone finds out about the rite, then he will immediately lose its effectiveness.

In addition, before the start of the ritual it is important to tune in to a positive result.

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