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Love spell on Radonitsu — help the dead

Radonitsa — this is the parent day, which is celebrated on the ninth day after Easter. It is believed that the magical rites held on this day are very effective.

In the modern world, this holiday is associated with Christianity, but in fact it has deep pagan roots. Earlier it was celebrated in early spring and on this day the ancient Slavs went to the holy barrows and commemorated the dead, whose souls were called Radonitsy.

After the baptism of Russia, the holiday was preserved, but was filled with new meaning.

Love spell on Radonitsu - help the dead

As a rule, ceremonies on this day are held in the evening. But in order for them to be successful it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements.

First of all, it is important to visit the graves of all your relatives on this day in the morning and remember them. Mentally, you can ask them for help in solving all problems.

It is believed that on this day the departed hear the requests of the living. But at the same time to help or not, they decide for themselves.

Therefore, it is important on this day not to grieve, but to enjoy life. After all, every person on earth is measured for a certain period, after which he is given eternal life.

The graves need to be beautifully removed. It is also necessary to arrange a memorial dinner at the cemetery, but one should not consume a lot of alcoholic beverages.

The rest of the food should be taken with you, you should not leave it on the grave.

Also, be sure to visit the temples on this day, where to put candles for the rest and order funeral services. It is imperative on this day to give alms.

The magic rituals held in Radonitsu allow to solve many problems, including bringing love to life or returning cooled feelings. It is believed that if during the ritual, everything goes quietly, then this is a good omen.

There is no complicated ritual that allows you to receive help from the departed, including in the love sphere. Before the parent day you need to write on a piece of paper about your desire.

And then write the next magical conspiracy appeal to the deceased relative.

It sounds like this:

This note should be put on the table, and next to it is a photo of the deceased person. Such attributes must be left overnight.

The next morning, a note must be burned in Radonitsa, and the photo must be hidden in a secluded place so that no one will ever find it.

Such a love spell on Radonitsu very strong. With it, you can not just bewitch a man in your life, but also restore shaky relationship with her husband.

Love spell on Radonitsu - help the dead

There is a universal rite, which includes an appeal to the dead. For this you need to spend a spell in Radonitsu, secluded in a separate room.

To do this, take a photo of the deceased person and say these words:

No special conditions are required to comply. The main thing is to utter words with all sincere sincerity.

You can also ask for help from the deceased on the day of the celebration of Radonitsa also directly at the cemetery. For this you need to visit the grave of a loved one in solitude.

So that no one saw, you must kneel down and say these words:

After pronouncing the words, close your eyes and sit in silence for about five minutes. It is at this time that you can understand whether the deceased can help you or not.

Love spells on Radonitsu do not belong to hard impacts. They can be carried out without fear, there can be no negative consequences.

But at the same time, if you carry them out without an inner desire to love and be loved, they will simply not be productive.

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