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Love spell on poppy: options for

Since ancient times, poppy has been known as a plant symbolizing beauty and death at the same time. In ancient Greece, the plant was used as a natural love spy and was often used in predictions.

Mack was considered one of the strongest attributes of the bewitching rites.

Love spell on poppy: options for

From ancient times to the modern world, many love-making rituals using poppies have come down. Like other rites, any spell on poppy should be carried out in the period of the rising moon.

The easiest love spell for poppy involves conspiring poppy seeds, which later will need to be added to the beloved one in a pocket of clothing, as well as, if possible, scattered in his house. The optimal time for the ceremony is the Wednesday or Friday of the growing moon period.

The conspiracy words are as follows:

A very strong bewitching rite is held on Makovei, which is celebrated on August 14. If on this Orthodox holiday the poppy is consecrated in the church, then it will retain its protective properties throughout the year.

Spell on poppy should be carried out at night from 13 to 14 August. To do this, at night you need to knead the pastry yourself and bake buns with it.

During the kneading of the dough, you need to visualize the image of a loved one and imagine how all the love for him interferes with the dough. In the process, a free-form conspiracy is pronounced.

You can just talk about how much you love your chosen one and that you can’t imagine your life without him. You can also use any ready-made love spell conspiracy.

The main thing to invest all your feelings in every spoken word.

The dough should fit all night, and in the morning you should bake buns. They need to sprinkle with poppy seeds, consecrated in the church and treat your loved one.

Love spell on poppy: options for

This love spell on poppy is most suitable for girls who can not meet the love in life. In the ritual will need to use poppy seeds.

To conduct the ceremony you need to go to the cemetery in the early sunny morning to the grave of a woman who loved you very much during her life. This may be a close relative, and sometimes just a friend.

Remembering the dead, you need to refer to it with the following words:

In the process of pronouncing a magical conspiracy on the grave, it is necessary to scatter the poppy brought with him. After pronouncing the words, one should cross three times and then quickly leave the cemetery without looking back.

Soon after the ceremony, you will meet your lover. But the way in which you develop relationships will depend only on you two.

With the help of a special ceremony, one can also arouse passion in a loved one.

To do this, you should say the following words over the poppy:

In the near future, the seeds of a conspiratorial poppy should be used for sweet pastries, which definitely need to treat your loved one, to whom the magical love effect was directed.

It is important that only you and your loved one taste the baked buns. Treat them to no one else.

Joint tea drinking will not only awaken the feelings of your chosen one, but will also contribute to the development of further successful relationships.

Any love spell with the use of poppy will be effective only if you believe in magic and truly love your chosen one.

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