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Love spell on Krasnaya Gorka: marriage rituals

Love spell on Red Hill to get married

Red Hill, this is the first week after Easter. Many ancient beliefs and rituals are connected with this time. The love spell on Red Hill for love and marriage is considered to be very effective.

And this is completely explainable by the fact that this particular time in Russia was considered optimal for matchmaking and weddings.

The roots of the ceremony go back to the times of pagan Russia, when there were no temples, and the people worshiped a large number of gods. Religious rites were held on the so-called temples, which were located on elevated places, most often on hills.

In Slavic speech, the word “red” has many interpretations, for example, beautiful, blooming or cheerful. Often this definition was given in the spring, when nature was painted in bright juicy tones.

It was during this time period that various pagan rituals were held in temples and they were always bright, cheerful and colorful. This explains their other name, which has come down to our times — Red Hill.

In the modern world, the interpretation of this concept has changed, therefore, when they say that it is necessary to spend a love spell on Krasnaya Gorka, this means that a magical act must be performed on the first Sunday after Easter.

Love spell on Krasnaya Gorka: marriage rituals

The enchantment on the Red Hill is not carried out with the specific purpose of bewitching a loved one, but it can be aimed at fulfilling a desire or at attracting beauty and attractiveness to oneself. These are important factors that will solve your own love problems.

A conspiracy to marry is very popular, which is very effective and can be used if a girl is dreaming about marriage, but she does not have a specific elect.

In order to bring marriage closer, on a holiday, you need to walk under the arm with a man in front of everyone. It is desirable that this was a decent person.

And if there is no such thing, then you can, for example, pretend and twist your leg. At the same time on a crowded street there is always a decent person who will bring the girl to the house.

And this is quite enough to bring the marriage closer according to the legend.

It is also possible to hold a marriage ceremony on Krasnaya Gorka. The fact is that weddings were often played on this holiday.

Therefore, if the girl was invited to the wedding, she could utter a special spell to speed up her own marriage.

Love spell on the Red Hill sounds as follows:

After that, you can go to the wedding party, and it is very likely that this is where you will meet your betrothed.

Love spell on Krasnaya Gorka: marriage rituals

Another rite of passage can be held on the Red Hill. For the ritual you will need to use two new sewing needles and a loaf of black bread.

The first needle speaks in the following words:

On the second needle, another conspiracy is uttered:

Needles need to stick in the form of a cross in a loaf, then you need to sprinkle it with salt. The conspiracy loaf is put on the threshold for the night. After it needs to be moved somewhere up and stored all year in the clear.

That is the year that matchmakers should appear. If this did not happen, then exactly one year later, dry bread should be fed to pigeons.

At the same time pronouncing the words:

In this case, the needles should not be thrown away. They further need to be used for hemming the wedding dress hem.

If this is done, the spouse will never change.

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