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Love spell on Ivana Kupala

For the success of a love spell, in addition to knowledge and accurate observance of the ritual, the presence of the performer of magical abilities and other conditions, the time of the ceremony is very important. The strength of your love spell is influenced by the season, the phases of the moon and the sun, and so on.

Love spell on Ivana Kupala

One of the most powerful is the love spell on Ivan Kupala. This ancient festival is associated with the pagan cult of the Sun, the great patron saint and protector.

It is on this day that you can make the most of its unlimited energy and lure your loved one into your network.

To make a love spell on Ivan Kupala, you can use a traditional holiday bonfire. Most people consider jumping over the fire on Kupala night as simple folk fun, but in reality this is not the case. Bonfire is an important element of the pagan rite.

It is a symbol of the Sun, its “fragment”, carrying the energy of the great celestial body. To direct this energy in the direction you want, go to the fire in advance.

Then speak quietly:

After that, persuade your chosen one to jump over the fire with you. Close contact with the conspired fire will help your love spell to penetrate deep into his heart.

The more times you repeat the jump, the stronger your spell will be. Do not jump this night with anyone else — it can create you a lot of additional problems.

The love spell on Ivan Kupala, which can be carried out when performing the ceremony of letting wreaths, will be very strong. This rite is also used for other purposes, for example, for divination about the term of life.

To make a love spell with the Kupala wreath, fasten two candles on it, light them and say a spell.

His words are:

Having said this, lower the wreath into the water and push it away from the shore. The further the wreath floats, the greater the chances of success of your love spell.

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