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Love spell on clothes — the simplest rite of passage at home

At all times, clothing played a huge role in human life. Since any thing that touches the body carries a clear energy trace of the wearer, for this, garments are often used as magical attributes in various magical rites.

As a rule, the ceremonies with the use of clothing are very simple and are often carried out independently at home. It is important to remember that in the ritual should be used garment, which is worn object of love spell in the present. For example, a love spell on clothes with a winter hat will be absolutely ineffective if it is held in the summer.

It is best to use casual clothes.

Love spell on clothes - the simplest rite of passage at home

A ritual is very popular ritual, with which you can bewitch a guy or a girl. Moreover, this effect is equally effective for bewitching both a guy and a girl.

In the ritual, you will need to use in addition to the things chosen or the chosen spring water or well water. From under the tap water for a magical effect can not be used.

Love spell should be carried out late at night. At this time there is a high probability that the love spell is asleep, so it is less susceptible to external resistance.

To enhance the effectiveness of the rite as an attribute, you should use the thing that your chosen one or your chosen one wore. Having retired in a separate room you need to light candles.

Sprinkle a piece of clothing with cooked water, and taking it in hand, utter the following plot:

A love spell on clothes should be read thirteen times and all the time continue to spray a piece of clothing with water. After this thing you need to dry and give it to your loved one.

It will be optimal if this item of clothing is chosen the next day.

Love spell on clothes - the simplest rite of passage at home

Another popular love spell is the impact of attracting the attention of her husband. After all, very often in life there are situations where, after long years of life, a husband begins to neglect his wife and even look to the side. As an additional attribute in the ritual, you will need to use nettles, which should be plucked on the day of the ritual.

If it is not possible to do this, then a pharmaceutical collection can be used, but only in this case the effectiveness of the ritual will be greatly reduced.

At midnight, you need to retire in a separate room, and wrap the husband’s thing prepared for the ceremony in a nettle leaf. At the same time, it is necessary to imagine that you are not wrapping the article of clothing, but directly the body of the husband.

It is important to imagine what unpleasant feelings he is experiencing, and say these words:

The next day, the husband must necessarily put on the conspiratorial clothes, and the nettles used in the ritual must be burned after that.

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