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Love spell on chakras — energy ritual

The spell on the chakras is very effective and refers to the energy rituals. Such an impact is rooted in the deep past and is based on the ancient religious and philosophical teachings of various nations, especially those who profess Buddhism.

Love spell on chakras - energy ritual

In practical love spells, the following seven base chakras are used. It:

  • Muladhara, responsible for the basic human instincts, primarily for the instinct of self-preservation and procreation. This chakra is able to absorb all the aggressiveness.
  • Svadhishtkhana, which is associated with the emotional sphere, it is she who controls the sexual energy of a person.
  • Manipura, controlling the intellectual state of a person and affecting power and control in all its manifestations.
  • Anahata, responsible for feelings of love and compassion, loyalty and kindness.
  • Vishuddha, managing creative potential, depends on it the ability of a person to quickly find a common language with other people and to have them close to him.
  • Ajna, which absorbs external cosmic energy and is responsible for intuition, and in a developed form it contributes to the manifestation of extrasensory abilities in humans.
  • Sahasrara, which absorbs the highest manifestations of a human being, connected with connections with cosmic energetics.

The chakra love spell is based on the transformation of the energetic bonds that influence the various life spheres of a person. Chakra is a special energetic node, which absorbs certain manifestations of the subtle body.

Use a love spell to be very careful and responsible.

Love spell on chakras - energy ritual

The most famous is the bewitching rite of the three chakras. In the ritual, you must use a photograph of a beloved person in full growth.

If you can not get it, you can use a schematic drawing. The effectiveness of this love spell does not depend on the phase of the moon, so you can perform a ritual on any given day.

But the best time for the ceremony is late at night.

Having retired in a separate room, you should outline a protective magic circle on the floor in chalk clockwise and place regular candles in its outline. The ritual should be performed inside it and implies the obligatory use of a red candle and natural wax.

First, you need to light a red candle with ordinary matches and wait until it melts a bit.

After that you should put melted wax on the following chakras:

  • The second, responsible for the emotional sphere, including sexual manifestations;
  • The fourth, which governs love feelings and affects the manifestations of compassion for others.
  • Sixth, governing openness to external influences.

After that, in each drop of wax you need to press a match and write the following phrases:

  • “Desire me”;
  • «(Given name)»;
  • «Think about me».

After that, the installed matches should be carefully shaken, which symbolizes the contract binding. The plotted photo must be hidden in a secluded place where it must lie for at least a month.

Love spell on chakras - energy ritual

Similarly, a love spell is conducted on all seven chakras, but it has more power and, therefore, is more dangerous. It is better to entrust such a ritual to a professional.

At home, as a rule, rites are performed that affect exclusively the heart chakra, which is the fourth and is responsible for the manifestation of love feelings. In such a ritual, a photograph of a loved one must also be used.

In addition, it should prepare a candle, saucer and matches.

In a lonely place, you should light a candle and take a photo of your loved one in your hands and remember how it can manifest its feelings in various life situations. After this, one should imagine that all the feelings that the bewitched person shows towards his relatives are redirected exclusively to you.

Then you need to carefully bring the picture to the flame of the candle, so that it lights up in the heart zone.

During this, the following plot is pronounced:

The ashes must be collected in a saucer and, going out to the balcony or on the street, blow it away so that the wind picks it up. At this moment you need to imagine that with such an action you direct the impact to your loved one.

Any love spell on the chakras, on the energy level, manifests itself very quickly. Initial changes in the relationship with your loved one can be seen after three days.

After the first manifestations of the bewitching influence, you need to surround your loved one with care and affection in order to strengthen the relationship.

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