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Love spell on carnival

Love spell on Maslenitsa has its own unique features and has great power. If you attract a loved one to Pancake Day, his love will be especially strong and passionate.

Love spell on carnival

After all, only at first glance, Maslenitsa is just a fun national holiday lasting a whole week, pancakes, festivities and a variety of fun. In fact, Maslenitsa is a pagan rite of fertility, the time before the spring awakening of nature. Land, cattle and people get a big boost of sexual energy.

This makes the spell especially effective.

Spell on Maslenitsa is usually done using pancakes. Damn — is an ancient esoteric symbol of the sun, attracting his powerful energy.

Skillfully directed in the right direction, this energy can work wonders.

At the same time, say the following words on the dough:

Immediately pour the dough into the pan. Repeat the same slang before preparing each pancake involved in the love spell. Treat these pancakes to your loved one.

It is advisable that he eat at least one in your presence. The more “charged” pancakes he eats, the stronger the love spell will be.

Another way to make a love spell on Shrovetide is suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to treat their loved one with pancakes and often be near him.

When kneading dough for pancakes, you need to sentence:

Love spell on carnival

To prevent the dough at the same time you need only clockwise. When the pancakes are ready, eat a small piece of each pancake, rip the rest into small pieces and feed them to the birds in front of the chosen one’s house.

Shrovetide has one more aspect — cleansing. Everything old and bad is forgotten and destroyed.

Thanks to this, with a simple love spell on Shrovetide, you can restore damaged relationships with your spouse.

While cooking pancakes, repeat the words:

The first cooked pancake divided into three parts. First give your spouse.

Eat the second one yourself. The third feed to the birds is thanksgiving to Maslenitsa.

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