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Love spell on bread: a recipe for family comfort

There are many love spells in which bread is used as an additional attribute. This product has a very strong natural energy, so it can greatly enhance the direction of the love message.

Love spell on bread: a recipe for family comfort

Any love spell on bread should be carried out in the period of the rising moon. Especially powerful will be the bewitching rite, if it is combined with the baking of bread.

Moreover, it is important that the bread be baked independently by the performer of the rite alone.

Considered to be very effective love spell, which is held on hot bread. Most often, this rite is held in case the wife suspected her husband’s adultery.

Also, such a magical love act can strengthen the husband’s love feelings in order to exclude the possibility of adultery.

Immediately before the rite, you need to bake your own bread and say the following words on a slightly cooled loaf of bread:

Conspired bread must be eaten. After such a ceremony, there is no need to fear that a man will walk to the side.

Love spell on bread: a recipe for family comfort

In order to bewitch the person you like, you can hold a ceremony with black bread. It can also be baked independently from a special kind of flour. In addition to the bread in the rite you will need to use salt and a wax candle in red.

It is important to remember that this ritual should be performed on Friday at 5 o’clock in the evening during the rising moon. At other times, the effectiveness of the privorotny impact will be significantly lower.

It is advisable to conduct the ceremony at the moment when you will be at home alone. You should take a lighted candle in your left hand, and a slice of black bread, previously sprinkled with salt, in your right hand.

After that, you need to stand on the threshold of the entrance door and turn to face the exit and speak these magic words:

After the pronunciation of conspiracy words, you should cross yourself with a piece of bread and blow out the candle. Then you need to eat a slice of bread.

Moreover, one should not wash down the conspired salted bread with water, moreover, the effect should not be effective until sunset.

Such a ceremony can be performed not only by a woman, but also by a man. In this case, you need to modify the plot words.

Very famous is the epiphany love spell on bread. This rite came to the modern world from ancient times, therefore its effectiveness has been tested by time.

For the ritual, it is necessary on the eve of Epiphany to knead the dough for bread made from high-grade flour.

While the dough will be suitable, you should take the menu of sunflower seeds and place them in a linen bag, and add a little salt there too.

After that, the bag must be shaken and, bringing it to his lips, whisper these magic words:

After this, the seeds need to be poured into the dough and mix, let it go and bake the bread. To treat a loved one with such bread is necessary for baptism.

All ceremonies for bread are very strong, but they need to be carried out only with a sincere belief in magic. In addition, you should believe in your own strength.

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