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Love spell on apple — ways, consequences, reviews

Love spells on apple — 3 acting ways

Do you like apples? Do you know that an apple can become a reliable weapon of a love spell in capable hands?

After all, even Biblical mythology interpreted it as a symbol of temptation. From time immemorial, rosy fruits have been used by witches and sorcerers in magical rites to achieve the desired.

The love spell for an apple was present even in the magic of Celtic druids, which terrifies ordinary people.

Love spell on apple - ways, consequences, reviews

Judging by the reviews of people who have done a love spell with an apple, they do not lose their strength in our days. Their popularity is due to the availability of the attribute, ease of implementation and effective results.

Love rituals based on the use of an apple will not cause difficulties even for beginners. My task today is to tell you the best way to do an enchantment on an apple by yourself.

What you need to know when making a love spell?

Although the love rituals with an apple are fairly simple, they require increased attention to detail. To avoid negative consequences (and those can be, like any love spell) and get the desired result, you should approach the ritual with the utmost seriousness.

Lightheadedness and recourse to the help of magic out of mere curiosity can turn into such a rollback to your address, which is not enough for you.

Have you decided to charm a chosen one or a chosen one on an apple? Then carefully read all the factors and conditions that may directly affect the future result:

  • In the rite of apple do not use fruit from the store — they passed through the hands of many people, and their energy was imprinted on the fruit. An apple must be pulled from the tree, and you should do it yourself. An extreme case is to buy an apple in the market from that person who grows an apple tree himself.
  • Your choice should fall on the most healthy and beautiful, and most importantly, a ripe apple. It can not be with dents, wormholes and rot. It is desirable that the fruit was red (it is the color of passion and love), or ruddy. Fruit should attract your attention, make you want to eat it.
  • It is best to prefer a large apple — it will be easier to work with it.
  • For beginners, it is better to choose a love spell on an apple, calculated on the fact that the bewitched will eat the incorruptible fruit.
  • Act strictly according to the love spell instructions.
  • Spend the ritual in complete solitude: nothing should distract you, no one should interfere.
  • Do not tell anyone about your actions — the magic of publicity does not tolerate.
  • Sincerely believe in your success.
  • Having made a love spell, let go of your thoughts, do not think about it — an unexpected effect is always more pleasant.

Love spell on apple - ways, consequences, reviews

When you bewitch the desired person with an apple, do not rely entirely on the power of magic. Any love spell helps only in cases where the customer is not inactive. An apple will allow you to get sympathy, love or physical attraction from the bewitched one, but keeping it close to you is a task that falls entirely on your shoulders.

It only depends on your actions and desires, whether you will be with your loved one “forevermore” or leave in the near future.

Consequences: symptoms of unsuccessful and untimely love to apple

Often it happens that the spell can not be done, or it leads to the wrong effect, which I would like to achieve. Do not perform a ritual in any way if:

  • something interferes with the process;
  • the apple on the cut turned out to be flawed (wormy, with rot);
  • suddenly felt worse;
  • the candles go out;
  • burned or cut.

All these signs indicate that the Higher Forces are against the ritual, or you have chosen the wrong place and time. In this case, it is better to postpone the love spell for a period of time, or not to make it at all (perhaps the love spell victim is not the one you need, and fate prepared the other person, you just have to wait).

How to make a love spell on an apple yourself?

Love spell on apple - ways, consequences, reviews

Method number 1 — for beginners (weak)

Would need: fruit from a tree, candles — 7 pieces. It is performed deep in the night.

Put an apple on the table, around it make a circle of 7 lit candles. Read the plot — exactly as many times as a man bewitched by years:

“I’ll find an apple in a shady garden. High it grows, no one is missing. The fruit is ruddy not for food — for food, God’s servant (name of the chosen one) for forgiveness.

A piece of bitten off — the heart will break. As the apple was close to the sun, they were warmed and caressed, so God’s servant (name of the chosen one) poured, filled with love, For God’s servant (own name) will turn. Be them together forever — for centuries, not for years.

Like an apple with a sun — be merciful, never to part.

The next day, treat your chosen one with a slandered apple.

Method number 2 — a love spell in two halves of an apple

Would need: fresh photo of the chosen one (he is alone in the photo) apple with apple, scarlet or red ribbon.

Write your full name and date of birth on the back of the photo. Cut the fruit in half (do not remove the core!), Fold the photo in a small square and place it in the middle of the apple, between the halves. Securely tie the half of the fruit with a ribbon, hide it in a secluded place.

An apple should be held there for 7 days, at least, and then buried in the ground. The effect of the love spell will be noticeable for several weeks.

According to reviews, those who did spell on two halves of an apple, this method is one of the most powerful.

Method number 3 — with the icon of the Virgin

Take him to the growing moon and only when firmly convinced that the bewitched likes you, but with drastic actions he delays. Install in your room icon of the Virgin, hide behind it an Apple. Go beyond the threshold and read the plot:

“The red apple dries out, and the servant of God (name of the chosen one) sighs for me. Apple rot gradually sharpens, and the servant of God (the name of the chosen one) will soon want to see me. Remind, Holy Mother of God, to him about me, God’s servant (his name).

Let him grieve for me, think only of me. As the apple dries, so he will miss me and look for meetings to see me and talk. Just so it will be, my dear will not forget me.


The love spell will begin after the fruit dries. It is desirable that nobody saw him behind the icon.

As a bonus in this video, you can see another way of apple love spell:

Guess today with the help of the tarot spread "Day map"!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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