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Love spell on a wedding ring: ways to

Wedding ring in magic symbolizes conjugal loyalty and harmonious family life. Love spell for a wedding ring is a very popular and strong rite, as it allows to achieve the desired result in the love sphere in a short time.

Love spell on a wedding ring: ways to

It is desirable to carry out a love spell on a wedding ring in the period of the growing moon. The impact will be stronger if you use not a new, but a worn ring.

Rites can be held both during the day and at night.

Most often, love spells with a ring are held by abandoned wives, who have set a goal to return the spouse to the family.

This ritual will be effective if the man left the family for the first time. If this has happened before, then such an impact will not be productive. Therefore, it will be necessary to give preference to another ritual.

For the ceremony, it will first be necessary to collect spring water or water consecrated in the church; other water cannot be used in the ritual.

Having retired in a separate room, at any time of the day you should set a glass of water in front of you and close your eyes for a while. At this point, you need to remember your loved one and try to visualize his image.

The main thing to do it without anger and resentment in the soul, otherwise it will not work. In the soul should be a sincere desire to return her husband and live with him a happy life.

After that, you need to open your eyes, immerse your own wedding ring in the water.

Then utter the next magical conspiracy:

After that, the wedding ring should be removed from the glass and put on your finger. Conspired water must be drunk completely.

The ring can not be removed until the spouse returns to the family.

It is important to understand that such a rite helps only to return the husband, and how harmoniously your relationship will develop after that depends only on you two.

Love spell on a wedding ring: ways to

This love ritual is allowed to refresh the relationship between the spouses, when in family life there was a chill or the spouse decided to leave the family. In the latter case, the main thing is to conduct the ceremony until the husband has left the family.

The rite should be carried out at night, when the husband was fast asleep. Having retired in a separate room, you should light a candle, setting it in a candlestick, and pour it into a glass of clean water.

It is best to use spring water in the rite.

In a glass of water, you must put your husband’s wedding ring and say the following magic words:

After the ceremony, the ring needs to be taken out and the husband is asked to wear it, at least for a while. Conspired water must be used for cooking or drinking for a husband.

This ritual belongs to the means of white magic, so do not be afraid of any negative consequences. Such an impact can save relationships and eliminate the influence of a third force.

Love spell on a wedding ring: ways to

This ceremony can be conducted by one of the spouses and it should use two wedding rings.

In addition, you need to cook:

  • A bowl filled with spring water;
  • Some salt;
  • Church candle;
  • Incense.

Having retired in a separate room, you need to light incense and a church candle. Then you need to put in front of you in a bowl with water and cooked salt.

The following magic words are recited:

If the plot will be pronounced by a man, then it must be slightly rephrased. Water and salt should be used for food, and a candle to extinguish and hide in a secluded place.

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