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Love spell on a wedding — a step to family happiness

Conducting a love accent, the ritualists, in most cases, expect that bringing a loved one into life will end with a wedding and a happy life together.

It should be remembered that the love spell for a wedding is a separate kind of influence and differs from other aimed love effects by greater power.

Love spell on a wedding - a step to family happiness

Any love spell for a wedding should be carried out only when you feel that you sincerely love a person and are ready to live with him for life. Such ceremonies can be performed by both men and women.

This ceremony can be held if his beloved for any reason refuses to marry him. Only in this case it should be remembered that in the beginning it is necessary to try to achieve from your favorite consent to the wedding by traditional methods. And only if it is to no avail, you should turn to magic.

A love spell for a wedding in such a situation can be held repeatedly until the beloved one agrees to marry.

The ritual uses 12 matches, which are set on fire and these magic words are pronounced on their smoke:

This ritual should be carried out only on Fridays, an exception should be made for Orthodox holidays.

In the opposite situation, when the beloved is in no hurry to make an offer, the girl can hold a special ceremony to speed up the long-awaited event.

A ritual in which church wedding candles are used is very popular due to its simplicity. A pair of such candles must be purchased in advance in the temple.

In order to increase the effect of the planned quotation, when you visit the church, you should put candles near the chosen icon and ask God for help in the intended work.

At the same time, it is important for the Almighty to speak in his own words, and explain why you want to use the bewitching rite. Despite the fact that the church does not recognize magic, the creation of a family in Orthodoxy is considered a godly deed.

Therefore, if you sincerely ask for help, then most likely it will be provided to you.

Love spell on a wedding - a step to family happiness

Having retired in a separate room, you should tie the candles with a natural red thread and set them on a table on a dish.

After that you need to set them on fire and speak the following plot:

After pronouncing the words, you need to sit in complete silence and wait for the candles to burn out. All attributes used in the rite should be wrapped in a napkin and hidden in a secluded place.

Throw them away only after a loved one makes an offer to you.

Love spell on a wedding - a step to family happiness

To hold a strong ceremony, which will force your loved one to make you an offer, you must use ribbons from the wedding, there should be three of them.

In addition to them, you will need to use:

  • Red color flap;
  • A few of your hair and your loved one.

The rite is held at midnight in the full moon, when the moon is visible in the sky. In a separate room should cover the table with a piece of red cloth on which to put the wedding attributes and hair.

It is important that the table stood next to the window and moonlight fell on it.

You need to take ribbons and tie them along the edge into a tight knot with the words:

After that, you need to start braiding from them braid. In the process, you should pronounce such a magical conspiracy:

In the process of weaving, you need to represent the image of a loved one and the scene, as he makes you an offer.

At the base, re-tie the sturdy knot and say:

The woven braid should be left under the moonlight for the whole night, and in the morning you should hide it in a secluded place. It will serve as a guardian of your life together, which will begin very soon.

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