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Love spell on a photo at home

How to read the love spell on the photo at home

In order to bewitch a loved one, it is not necessary to turn to fortunetellers — you can make a love spell from a photo at home. Everyone who did it, leave good reviews, and you will succeed.

We will share the proven methods and tell you how to read the love spells correctly.

Love spell on a photo at home

Tips and tricks

It is important to follow some rules in order for the love spell to work. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Love spell on the photo should be read on the growing moon. When a celestial body goes to growth, the lunar energy is concentrated and directed towards creation, bringing love and success into a person’s life. In extreme cases, do the rite of the new moon
  2. Photo of the chosen one or the chosen one should be of high quality, clear. In the picture there is only the person whom you are going to bewitch, other people should not be on it. It is desirable that the eyes of the beloved were turned into the camera lens.
  3. You can not do a love spell on a married man — you will attract negative in your life, trying to take away happiness from another woman
  4. Speak the words of the text clearly and without hesitation. You can memorize them in advance so that you don’t forget anything at a crucial moment.
  5. You can not read the spell, if you experience strong negative emotions — resentment, anger, envy. Such feelings are very bad for the result of the love spell, and can bring negative consequences.
  6. You must sincerely believe that love magic works. If in doubt or skeptical, it is better to refrain from performing the ritual.
  7. Do not tell anyone that they are going to make a spell. Only you should know about it.

These are the most elementary rules. Follow them, and the spell will bring the desired result.

Next, we consider specific ways of love spells.

Simple love spell on photos

In order to bewitch your beloved in this way, do the following:

  • Take a blank piece of paper and write your wish on it as if it had already come true. For example: “Alexander loves me with all his heart,” “Mikhail yearns for me,” “Vasily thinks of me constantly.” Think specifically what you want to achieve
  • Fold the wish piece into the tube, light a red candle and light the paper from its flame. All manipulations must be carried out strictly above the photo chosen
  • Read the text of the bezel while the paper is burning.

Love spell on a photo at home

On this rite is considered over. Bury all used items in the ground and wait — in a few days the spell will take effect.

Powerful way to photo at home

To bewitch your beloved in this way, prepare the following items:

  • Photo of the chosen one
  • Wax church candle. It is necessary to buy it on Friday, in the morning in the church shop

In the evening, sit by the window and concentrate all your thoughts on your chosen one. Remember the traits that attract you in it.

Mentally thank the man for all the good that he has done or will do for you. Imagine happy pictures of a common future.

Then turn the picture over and start to drive it over the flame of the candle, continuing to visualize the image of the beloved in imagination. Burn the photo above the candle, collect the ashes and hide it in a secluded place.

It is very important that nobody finds a love ash. Within a few days the spell will take effect.

Third way

This version of the love spell is best done in the evening after sunset. It is imperative that the moon be in a growing phase during this time period. Prepare two photos — yours and the men.

You will also need a strong red thread, a needle.

Sit down at the table, put the photo in front of you. Mentally imagine that you and a man are already together.

You are well, you are happy and love each other. At this time, the room should reign complete silence.

On the back of the picture of the man write your full name, specify the date of birth. On the back of your photo write the same data chosen.

Put the photos together and sew the corners with a thread. After you finish, tie the knot, read the words and tear off the thread:

Love spell on a photo at home

After the ritual, remove the photo in a white envelope. Cover it and put it in a secluded place where no one will find it.

During the week the spell will start to act.

At full moon

This ceremony, unlike the rest, must be done strictly in the full moon to get the strongest effect.

  • photo of you and your chosen one
  • jewelry that you wear all the time — silver jewelry is best suited for the ceremony
  • glass container with pure water — it is better to use water from a natural source

Dip the photos into the water so that the images are directed towards each other. Wait a couple of minutes while the photo paper gets wet. Light a candle and place nearby.

Then begin to mentally imagine how you are meeting your lover.

Within 10-15 minutes, visualize the happy images of the future together. Then take the pictures and put them in a thick book.

As long as the photos remain in it, the spell will be valid.

See another way in the video:

Possible consequences

It is important to know that love magic has always negative consequences. They may be as follows:

  • The character of the bewitched is changing for the worse. He becomes irritable and aggressive, turns into a jealous man and a tyrant
  • Very often there is a deterioration of well-being.
  • The bewitched can have problems with a career and start a black stripe in life.

Remember: the spell should be done only as a last resort, if no other way to fall in love with the chosen one does not work.

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