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Love spell Mansur: magic of a warlock

The rites of Mansur belong to the rituals of black magic. They are associated with the name of the mysterious sorcerer, the Nizhny Novgorod chornobook, who left his notes in the 18th century.

In love magic, black magicians often use powerful love spells. Most of these rites are associated with appealing to demonic power.

Therefore, despite the high performance of such rituals, they should be used very carefully.

Love spell Mansur: magic of a warlock

Any love spell Mansur has a great power, but when carried out at home can not always work. For any ritual requires a special attitude and full confidence in their own abilities.

Only with this approach can we minimize the negative effects of rituals.

Mansur can only be led by a man who by nature has a strong energy and is able to direct it in the right direction. For this you need, as a rule, to undergo special training under the guidance of a practicing mage.

Love spell per volt is considered the most common and effective rite of love magic. It can be done on any day, regardless of the phase of the moon.

For the ritual, you first need to make a doll-volt of wax, and it is very important to clearly identify the sexual characteristics when sculpting. Also for the ceremony will need to use a large white dish.

On it you need to draw a cross with a red felt-tip pen, and then put the manufactured volt.

Then a black candle is lit at the head of the doll and the following plot is recited:

After that, you need to take four new needles. They need to be ignited in the flame of a black candle.

For each say these words:

After that, you need to make a small incision on the finger with a sharp blade and drop it on the doll. It is noteworthy that in the past, fresh chicken blood was used for these purposes.

But since it was necessary to kill the chicken during the ceremony, now this method is rarely used.

Love spell Mansur: magic of a warlock

When the doll will be covered with your blood, you should raise both hands above the Volt and say the following words:

After that, you need to start sticking needles into the wax body of the doll, which symbolizes a particular person and is named after him.

The first needle pierces the head of the doll, after which the following words are pronounced:

The second needle is stuck in the chest, and at the same time these words are pronounced:

The third needle injected into the solar plexus and the following is pronounced:

The fourth needle is stuck in the genital area, and then these words are pronounced:

After all the needles are used, the closing plot is read:

After that, the doll must be left until the morning. The next day, you need to go to the forest or park, where you can kindle a small fire, on which to burn the incanted volt.

If everything is done correctly, the result will manifest itself very strongly and quickly.

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